A secretive swedish beauty

Two days ago I found this beauty on the border between Norway and Sweden. Actually it was in Sweden, in the protected area Hamrafjället. There I found two of these wild orchids, and my problem: I have no idea what it is. It might be some sort of Dactylorhiza. But it looks so very different from what I have seen before. The plant was probably about 8-10 cm tall, and the flowers less than a fingernail. Anybody knows?

Today I found a very interesting blog about wild orchids. At least if you are very much into these plants. There are more orchid photos in my gallery.

43 thoughts on “A secretive swedish beauty

  1. incredible orchids, wild luck to find them in my country this kind of plants do not find them, only sold in specialty stores, I would like to contemplate it in its natural environment is phenomenal


  2. En vacker orkidé, tyvärr sà har jag bara den franska faunan… Jag har ju varit där du var, men det var väl ungefär tjugo àr sen… Tillbringar inte sà mycket tid i Sverige… Den pàminner om den som jag fotograferade, men det är inte samma orkidé…


  3. Beautiful image. It is like they compensate for being so small by being so beautiful. If you’re not paying attention you could easily miss seeing them but they deliver such a package when you take the time 🙂


  4. As pretty as she is, that orchid looks like there are two tiny foot bottoms sticking out. Where is my sensitivity!? Still, very beautiful.


  5. Great post and beautiful accompanying photographs. I’m excited to check out the young photographers you mentioned as well as the others that were nominated alongside you. Congratulations on your well-deserved award!


    1. Oh yes, we have at least 30-35 different species, but most Norwegians don’t know. They think an orchid is always like the ones we put in our window sills, and don’t know we have them too in the wild. Thanks for visiting.


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