On the road – Sommer i Trøndelag

I move around quite a bit, because I live in the countryside and there are some distance wherever I am going. I don’t mind this time of the year, since it is daylight allmost all the time, and there are different landscapes to look at. Here are some og the sights from last week.

Stugdal, Tydal. The mountains of Sylan.

Vududalen, Levanger.




Selbustrand – Mostadmarka


120 thoughts on “On the road – Sommer i Trøndelag

  1. They are all beautiful images – so beautiful that they all but make me cry! The three cows in the late-afternoon sunlight look as if you taught them to pose that way! Thank you for sharing such lovely photos of your part of the world! Z


    1. You are right, Rudolf. Sylan is very beautiful, and the light and the colours always changing, when they are not hiding in the clouds. That happens often in this part of the country…


  2. Beautiful photos. The countryside looks so lovely, fresh and clean. Like your photo compositions too – they have a really nice balance to them. Nice crop of flowers by the roadside..

    I do so wish I have visited Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland back in the 1970s when I lived in London. Alas it was too expensive for me back then, and now, I don’t have the health or money to travel at all.


    1. Your are on the other side of the world, Victoria. But I’m quite sure there are areas in Australia you haven’t explored yet. It is a huge country, but you certainly find a lot of beauty and interest in your neighborhood. And I guess we all can. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Absolutely beautiful captures Bente. Of course my favorite is the first one of the ponies and their reflections in the pond. Gorgeous! The one with the large green field make me want to grab one of those ponies for a nice gallop.


    1. Of course your favorite is that of the icelandic horses. There are so many of them in this very small village and they are excellent for the mountains. Thanks for your comment, Bella R.


      1. What month does it rain the least? Oh, and when is it halfway warm? That’s when I’ll come visit! 🙂


      2. Rain the least? It may be may, it may be june, it may be july, or august. We never know, Shutterbug. The best is to take both a bikini and a raincoat when you leave in the morning (or, I didn’t use my bikini this year yet), and hope you don’t need your winterjacket before september.


      1. Just a bit…here where I live it is not irrigated yet…we are looking into it…if you want to provide for your family with farming wheat or barley you need at least 3000 acres per year to survive…if we get irrigation well then we can do more and provide more:):):)


  4. Ben, you live in a beautiful country. seeing ur posts makes me feel as if I m actually there. i loved the 3rd frame. roadside tulips(dont know if they are actually tulips) makes a great composition. thanks for sharing.


    1. You are right, the landscape changes almost with every turn of the road, and all the different weather (most of it rain this summer) makes the change of light quite interesting. Thanks for your comment, Cybermum.


  5. Lovely shots. Reminds me of a wonderful road trip in your lovely country many years ago (1976 – argh, so old!). I especially like the one of Selbu.


  6. Love them… I was thinking about going to visit your beautiful country this summer, but unfortunately I have only a week in august, not enough time to enjoy Norway as we would like to… Thanks for sharing your captures… I can almost feel as if I were there.



  7. For en flott blogg du har! Fantastisk nydelige bilder! Liker godt “Sommer i Trøndelag”, spesielt liker jeg det femte bilde, fra Selbu – så vakkert lys!

    Hjertelig takk for hyggelig kommentar på min blogg!

    Ønsker deg en GOD SOMMER! : )


    1. Tusen takk for det. Du har masse flotte reportasjebilder, men naturbildene og naturmystikken i dem likte jeg kjempemy. Superbilder, Fotonita. (synd du ikke har wordpress, lettere å kommunisere da..)


  8. Underbara bilder fràn Norge… Om ett par veckor sà är jag i Sverige…

    Det blir bilder fràn Sverige om ett par veckor, fast jag kommer inte att publicera sà mycket när jag är i Sverige, det blir efteràt… Skärgàrdsbilder…

    Ha det bra


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