The mother moose

Walking the dog earlier tonight I saw a moose between the trees. I don’t usually see them as often in summer, so it was a nice encounter. The light and the colours was perfect, and I turned home for my camera. I wasn’t sure it would still be there, but it was. It had moved away from the very great light and colours, but it was still there. And then I noticed there was one more. I saw the calf  just in a glimpse, almost only the ears showing in the long grass. I understood this was not a place to stay. A mother moose with a small calf can be aggressive if they feel they need to protect the small one. The ears were still pointing forward when I left. That’s better, I don’t want to make any animals angry if I can help it. There are some more moose pictures in my photo gallery.

29 thoughts on “The mother moose

  1. That’s a similar experience to what I had in Yellowstone in 2002 . . . I was photographing the mother and it was a number of minutes before I noticed the calf laying down in the tall grass, and then only because it moved its ears.

    Nice photos, and great encounter.


  2. You too have that side of adventure and adrenaline to look for good shots, plus unique, because for most of us are strange animals for us … congratulations my friend.


  3. How wonderful — you’re so lucky! I’m with you on the not-making-them-angry part, too… Safer for us, as well. 🙂 Beautiful shots!


  4. We saw a moose in Montana with its baby (I posted a photo in “Montana Done Right”). I’m always surprised at how BIG they are… so different than deer or elk! Thanks for your photos, as always!


  5. Brave man. I ran into a moose in Minnesota once cross-country skiing and was terrified. The moose here are huge and can also be quite aggressive. Fortunately, the one I ran into found his breakfast more interesting than me.


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