Girls gone fishing

This weekend I went to the coast with some friends. We were going to attend a fishing festival and we were all very excited. Nobody had been at this event before, but we love fishing. The weather was quite bad when we arrived. Rain, almost foggy, and not warm at all. But we went to the camp, put our tent (a lavvo), and were ready for three days of fun and excitement. It was so great, but that means I have days of editing photos. So just a few now, and there will be a lot from Fiskefestivalen Bessaker in my photo gallery, and here is the link to more photos.

The harbour of Bessaker at night. This is a very small place in the middle of the norwegian coast.

A little bit of partying at night.

Walking back to the camp, quite late of course.

And off we went in the morning for fishing competition. Girls gone fishing.

58 thoughts on “Girls gone fishing

      1. hahaha Yes, I actually delivered sailboats all around the world a very long time ago. I lived on various Jongert motor sailers in the Mediterranean, and was lucky enough to play on some of the 57 Swans.


  1. “Fiskefestivalen Bessaker in my photo gallery, eventually” – your link is so great, al lot of great an funny shots – I love pic number 25 most, I think it’s so great attitude… ‘hahaha’


  2. From your pictures, i see a community of very peaceful people. I would cherish a chance to shoot one day over there!


  3. I have been amazed at this story and all photos, love the place is little sense, plus much, super.
    I always wonder where I can picture you see.?


  4. I love the photo of The harbour of Bessaker, Bente , It sounds and looks you had a lot of fun. I enjoy visiting all this place you take us to through the lens of your camera. Thank you for sharing. Ciao, Francina


  5. Huh! . . . took me a few minutes to figure out . . . You’re female! For some reason I had it in my head you were male.

    No, it does not matter, and has no importance other than I am wondering why I thought so . . . and that I don’t like making mistakes.

    Anyway, looks like a good time was had by all.


    1. I have never been a male as far as I can remember, Disperser. But I don’t think it was such a big mistake. It seems also others think the same thing, but Bente is a much used name for females in Scandinavia. Maybe it is the fishing and hunting thing that does it, but I also likes discos.. And flowers and ladybugs. 😉


      1. Are you sure? . . . because I’m seldom wrong. Seriously, it might have been the name and my unfamiliarity with Scandinavian naming conventions. I don’t remember registering fishing and hunting before, so I don’t think that was it.

        However, we’re now both on the same page and all is well with the world. Thanks for not getting offended or otherwise put out.


  6. Nästa vecka vid den här tiden sà sitter jag i en stuga i Stockholms skärgàrd… Sà dina fina bilder fick mig att vilja resa redan nu… 😉 2 veckor i Sverige…


    1. Stockholms skärgård er jo super, selv om jeg bare har opplevd den på film/tv, og en gang da jeg seilte forbi på Finlandsbåten. Du får ha to fantastiske sommeruker i Sverige, Maria. 🙂


  7. wow how beautiful, looks cold, but there is no such thing as bad/cold weather only the wrong clothing. You seem to be out and about having a great time and gathering more magic photos. cheers callie


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