Bessaker – The fishing festival

The fishing festival at Bessaker is a very big event for someone who loves fishing. Like me and my friends. We went to the sea with one of the boats from the harbour in this small community on the norwegian coast. And we had three hours to get some fish. And we did. Here are some from that day, but there are more in my photo gallery.

Some of our equipment.

And we got fish.

The catch was weighed.

And afterwards there were a lot of things going on, and fish and fishsoup to be eaten.

And then this ship came for a visit, Hurtigruten, a cruice line that have traveled along the norwegian coast for almost 120 years. This one named after the norwegian king, Kong Harald.





50 thoughts on “Bessaker – The fishing festival

  1. I see why you like to go the fishing festival. What a lot going on besides fishing! Did you try that water ball?
    The food makes me hungry! (and thirsty)


  2. I wished to be in this ball 🙂 Dear Bente, this is great post and seems that it was great fun too. How much I loved, your photographs and video… So beautiful… Thank you dear, love, nia


  3. Such great shots, love them – what an atmosphere… 😉

    – and then I can see that the joyful fisher girl with the sunglasses
    not kiss the fishes any more… ‘hahaha’


  4. The festival looks like great fun. I really enjoyed your photos of the event and the great catch.(of fish & photographic record).


  5. What a fabulously fun day, and congratulations on catching some fish ! These are awesome photos and they make me feel the chill in the air that was evident that day. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.


  6. I look at these lovely pics of people keeping themselves entertained having such a great time doing simply, if somewhat crazy stuff and I wonder why, anyone would waste there short life on earth fighting wars and engaging in stupid coflicts when there are so many far more interesting, engaging and fun things to do!! I know that all sounds rather naive, but that is the thought line that these pics brought on.


  7. You are such a hardy people. That water looks really cold and yet kids are actually swimming in it. I think I would love to go into that bubble and role around. That looks like a lot of fun.


    1. I should tell you I recently went to the dentist which doesn’t seem like a big deal but it is too me. Anway I showed this post to my husband because I thought he would enjoy and when I was at the dentist trying not to go crazy I was remember these beautiful photos it really helped me get through a tough appointment. Thanks!


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