I don’t usually reblog, of different reasons, but this post from GMB Akash is so important. Not the least for all of us who love nature, and love to see its fresh beauty and unspoilt wilderness: we must not forget that there are lot of destruction going on, and the pressure on unspoilt nature is just going to be more, not less. That’s reality not to be forgotten, and we shouldn’t let this happen.


The overall global environment is declining fast and for Bangladesh it has been doing so more rapidly during the last few decades because of many obvious reasons. But we are still not surprised. We, all of us, pollute our own cities with trashes. So how can we claim owners of these factories, with hardly any education be conscious about the environment, feel the need to protect the environment? We need to count ourselves first to protect our own ecosystem to survive in an earth which will be a gift for our next generation – ONLY IF WE CARE

“Pollution is an immense crisis that is slowly destroying the world that we live in. It is crucial for every individual to do what he or she can to clean up the environment. Whether it is in the home or on a management level, or within us, every person is important and…

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  1. Yes, the situation, the end results are terrible. Obviously we are
    destined to be doomed though, how about the the root cause ?
    Who can tell the people “Don’t industrialize” “Don’t modernize”
    “Don’t take modern medicine to reduce child mortality” above all
    “Don’t have child” === inevitably population increase = more mouth
    to feed. Need to produce more shoes = more shoes needs more
    factory to produce toxic waste = and so on, so on ——

    To say a thing with emotion is easy though, the trouble and its system
    is too big now for us to tinker a corner.
    We need to have fundamental change, especially the change of psyche.
    To accept the fate of the natural life.


    1. I don’t agree that we are destined to be doomed, Yoshizen. What is wrong in this world, is wrong because we let it happen. We have choices. But I know, the world is complicated, and the decisions are not always easy.


      1. Basically I’m a 70th hippies = we believed that the world become one planet
        though, it went on to opposite direction.
        With numerous protests and Eco-conscious movements, still nobody able to
        take action about the population matters as it is taboo to touch.
        As the situation has been aggravated by the climate change = food shortage,
        water shortage would be unavoidable —– the trouble is, instead of redress
        the balance and change the system = it is easier to throw a bomb while believing
        he (or she) can go to the heaven.
        When there is no way-out, some of the people try to blast the wall without knowing
        when the wall gone, whole building will caved-in.


  2. Bente, thank you for finding and then re-posting this. Tears sprang to my eyes. My passionate purpose for the rest of my life is to assist us humans in waking up to our interconnectedness and to be amazed by the wonder of living. Your sensitivity supports my own prayers. Thank you! Just began reading Linda Schierse Leonard’s book : Following the Reindeer Women. I think you’d like it! Hope you’ll take a look at my site for Ecstatic Wisdom Postures – you might like that practice based on our ancestors’ artwork. Balances our brain hemispheres and helps us SEE…


  3. Like it says in the post, every individual can contribute.
    We can’t think this doesn’t affect us, because it does. We can all do some part, no matter how small.
    Thanks, Bente. Now this should go viral!


  4. It’s so sad to see this. Even the wild country in the northwestern United States is seeing damage, not this great, but far worse than in the previous 60 years that I’ve known it.


    1. And some of the frightening things: a lot of the pollution can’t bee seen, at least not untill the damage is big. We shouldn’t accept damage of the wilderness, Montucky. Nature is so important in every kind of way.


  5. Thanks for passing this on, Bente. Reminds me of the industrial pollution we saw U.S. corporations dumping in Guatemala back in the mid-1980s. Manufacturing methods that would not be allowed in the U.S. were being widely used in Guatemala and much of their countryside is still contaminated because of the chemicals that were simply dumped without regard for the people or the environment. We couldn’t even get decent pictures because armed guards threatened to confiscate our equipment.


    1. That is still happening all over the world, Jerry, rich countries dumping pollution and exporting troubles to less rich and less regulated countries. And of course, it is better for the companies not to show whats going on.


  6. We all, where ever we are could and should do more….but we don’t and I am not sure why. We seem to be great a finding fault in other less well developed countries/economies but turn a not much better ourselves. I cannot offer a solution but promise to try harder.


  7. Thanks for reblogging this post, Bente.
    It’s devastating reading about this kind of pollution, but unless the wealthier countries make substantial financial assistance to help these poorer countries resolve their waste & population explosion, the destruction will only get worse.
    I do my bit to re-cycle and try to eat only fresh food (no cans or bottles if possible) and certainly don’t accept plastic bags of any kind, but big factories & corporations need to make more effort to reduce their impact on the environment.


    1. I recycle too, Victoria, as much as I can. It might seem like a small thing, but everything helps. Not the least to be aware, and a post like the one above makes us aware. We just have to remember that not all damaging pollution is as obvious.


  8. In the U.S., our air and water is cleaner than it was 40 years ago – thanks to enforceable environmental regulations (some of them are not very good regulations, but at least we have them). In developing countries, this is not happening, which is unfortunate — as prevention is so much easier than clean-up.


    1. All cleaning up is great, and shows that it is possible to do things better. Prevention is absolutely so much better than clean-up, and reportage like the one above makes people aware.


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