Sheep along the road

The other day, while going to the mountains, we met this herd of sheep along the road. Most norwegian sheep are grazing in the mountains all by themselves all summer so this is not a common sight. Since we were entering bear country we were a bit worried that it was bear activity that made the farmers bring home their sheep. But off we went and later we saw a lot of sheep in the mountains. To meet live sheep in this valley is quite ok for people who are not used to big bears. For five days we did not meet any people, except the last day. Going down from the mountains we met a young man. He was out trying to find dead sheep…
There are some more pictures from norwegian sheep farming in my photo gallery.

34 thoughts on “Sheep along the road

  1. That’s very pretty country in your photos, quite similar to parts of the area too. THere are also lots of sheep raised here too, but only in the prairie areas. They would not last long in the mountains here because of the predators; Bears, lion, coyotes and wolves.


  2. Lovely images of your mountains & local sheep – they are so very different to our sheep in Australia. They look much leaner and seem to have much less wool on their backs.


  3. I love these photos and reading about how the sheep live there. I have learned a lot about Norway from your blog.
    Was there a bear??


  4. I don’t know why but I found it so strange to hear that you had bears in your mountains. I guess it would be like people who come to Hawaii and expect to find Grass Shacks. I’m finding your blog so educational. That is so sad to hear about the poor fellow looking for dead sheep. Loved the photos.


  5. These belong in National Geographic mag! BEAUTIFUL because its taken with the heart! Love it! Peace~ Deborah


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