Opera – Olav Engelbrektsson

On the 1 April 1537 archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson of Norway fled from Steinvikholm castle in the Trondheim fjord, leaving the holy shrine of St. Olav. Several years of disputes over the throne of Denmark and Norway combined with the general European religious conflicts, had pulled the archbishop in a power struggle he had lost. The fleeing archbishop marked the end of the Catholic Church in Norway. At the same time Norway became a part of Denmark.
For the 19th time the opera “Olav Engelbrektsson” about this historic events are played, by the ruin of the fortress where these events actually took place. The are many outdoor plays in Norway in the summer. This is one of my favorites.

I hadn’t been there for eight years when I was at the dress rehearsal a couple of days ago. It was magical again: the music (written by the composer Henning Sommerro), the soloists and the choir, costymes, the lighting and the natural light from a dramatic august night, and the fact that this is were it happened. And it is one of the largest outdoor performances in Northern Europe.

The noble woman, Fru Inger til Austrått (Maija Skille), was a mighty enemy of the last archbishop in Norway.

43 thoughts on “Opera – Olav Engelbrektsson

  1. Wow! What an amazing performance. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images of this production. As you say, it looks great in this natural setting.


  2. Den där föreställningen skulle nog jag ha gillat, dina fotografier är lockande. Tja, Norge ligger ju lika làngt bort som Sverige för mig… Jag har mànga vänner fràn norra Norge… Den katolska kyrkan försvann ganska snabbt fràn Norden i allmänhet, fast jag blickar österut, hoppas fà göra en resa i Ryssland och fotografera ortodoxa kyrkor… Tack för ett fotografiskt och kulturellt utbyte!

    Ha det bra


  3. Oh, Bente, Magical. Gorgeous, Gorgeous photos. To sit in the outdoor theater where it all took place must have the spirits gathering. What a fabulous event. Of course being at the rehearsals gave you such a great opportunity to take those fabulous photos. I really, really enjoyed this.


  4. Interesting post and great shots… 😉

    I am quite confident and quite pleased with that we norwegians and danes have a common history, which make us – although we love to tease each other – have an unbreakable relationship… 😉


  5. I love the lighting in this. It adds so much to the atmosphere. I can see why the show is so popular. Outstanding work, Bente.


  6. Very interesting to read a bit about the history of your country, although I just confess, I didn’t follow all the links. There are some healthproblems in the family and I have precious little time at the moment, but I plan on returning to this topic some time in the near future and learn some more about it all. The pictures are wonderful, as always. 🙂


  7. That must have been a wonderful performance, Bente. I love opera but here they are all inside. Must be a delight to see one outside.

    Great photos too!
    Ciao, Francina


  8. wow! Fantastiska bilder! De får mig att längta dit, höra musiken, sången, se alla dessa människor som deltar! Tycker att du verkligen fått fram mycket med dina bilder. Och jag som är halvnorsk (svorsk) tycker att det är intressant även med historia.
    Det finns ett utomhusskådespel när mig, i Helsingör, på kronborgs slott spelar man Hamlet, jag tror varje år. Jude Law var där nyligen och spelade. Har aldrig varit där.
    Kramar och allt gott till dej!


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