Excusez-moi cake

I have been busy lately. Hardly at home, not by the computer. So I am so late in answering on comments, but I hope to catch up soon.  In the meantime, I can only say THANKS A LOT for all the beautyful and interesting comments from you fellow bloggers. And try to serve this cake, that I made for a family party last weekend. It was a nice weekend.


88 thoughts on “Excusez-moi cake

  1. This will sound a little extreme, but I truly think this is one of the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen more intricate or impressively decorated ones, but the combination of the flowers and fruit, the colors and the freshness are just truly gorgeous! I would’ve loved this for my wedding cake. 🙂 I bet it was as tasty as it looks too.


    1. Recipe very easy. Just a layer cake with a lot of wipped cream and a lot of berries from the woods and from the garden. I made something similar with a pavlova cake once and I like that better with so much berries. That is pavlova with both egg- and whipped cream.


  2. Yummy.
    I’ve always liked tarts (or cakes) with berries on top. The more the merrier.

    Lovely imgaes. The flowers make the decorating just perfect.


  3. That’s not a cake – that’s a lifestyle choice…a life full of pleasure, a life probably spent out in nature, worshipping it! I trust this was a wonderful party? Hopefully, you’ll let us have the cake’s recipe one day.


  4. No “Excusez-moi” necessary, I think a lot of us have been busy recentl for one reason or another, but I’ll happily parake of your beautiful cake, visually, fortunately is sufficient, as it’s just lovely to behold, and an idea I will tuck away for future reference, so simple but stunning, and I’m sure delicious 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness, just beautiful! She bakes, she photographs, she fishes. A true renaissance woman.

    P.S. I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog and One Lovely Blog awards. Here: http://wp.me/p1jL9y-i9. You can pass the torch by giving me a shout-out, then stating 7 facts about yourself and nominating 15 bloggers whom you find inspiring or lovely.


  6. I love it when a man can cook! It looks absolutely delicious, and beautifully decorated with those wonderful wild berries you collected, and some lovely flowers. Any left over? ;oD


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