A dog day in the mountains

Last weekend I went to a field trial for bird hunting dogs (it is not me in the photo). My dog, an irish setter, didn’t get any prize, and only two of the 14 dogs did get a prize. But we had a most lovely day in the mountains. A nine hours walk waching the dogs doing their work, that is searching for birds, for the scandinavian grouse, two and two dogs at a time. The rules for a trial like this is according to the The Norwegian Kennel Club, the largest canine organization in Norway.

There were still a lot of cloudberries in the mountains, but nobody had time to pick them to take home, but some was eaten.

There are more dog photos in my photo gallery, also more photos from this field trial.




31 thoughts on “A dog day in the mountains

  1. Beautiful dogs. We have friends that field trial their labrador retrievers and then in the fall used for duck hunting. It is fun to see them so excited. Lovely photos!


  2. Great photos of the dogs, but I found the landscape just as interesting. Such an open treeless landscape too.
    Thanks for sharing your day, Bente.


  3. Oh dear Bente, this is a wonderful post… fascinated me. What a beautiful dogs… and photographs… but number 3 and the last one are my favorite, Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia


  4. White fluffy floss land scape of last photo reminded me the mountain I spent a week
    half century ago !
    In Japan, they are only in a high mountain meadow and we call them Wata-suge (綿スゲ).
    --- I miss them.
    I can feel cool air on your photos.


  5. Beautiful dogs and great pictures. Thanks for sharing. However, since I have 3 cats, I wondered what it would be like to have a ‘cat day in the mountains’. I’m sure it would be an afternoon full of hissing and tree climbing, LOL!


  6. Wonderful photos – beautiful dogs .. and stunning nature – thank you so much. My pick must be the photo with the running dog. Some action and strength in that photo.


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