Back from Hell

I came back from Hell yesterday. I go to Hell rather often, that is, usually I just pass through, because Hell is such a small place. It is nothing there except for a few houses and a railway station. But once a year, about the first weekend in September, people from all over go to Hell, for the Blues in Hell festival. It is a big festival, with a lot of well known blues artists. For some reason many international musicians like the idea of playing here, to have been to Hell.

This year the The Original Blues Brothers was the big attractions. John Belushi is dead and Dan Aykroyd was not a blues brother in Hell. Of the original musicians there were only two left, Steve Cropper and Lou Marini, but with Bobby Harden and Johnny Rosch as lead singers, it was some party.

Since this festival is at a very small railway station everything is in tents. The biggest one, The Magic Mirror, is decorated in the style of art nouveau and provides a very special atmosphere.

Davina Sowers and her band, The Vagabonds were among the artists in another tent, The Acoustic Station. It was also a very good concert.

Kent DuChaine & Leadbessie.

Reidar Larsen, special guest with Roy Rogers & The Delta Rhythm Kings.

Tommy Castro & The Painkillers. There are more pictures from Blues in Hell in my photo gallery.

65 thoughts on “Back from Hell

  1. Wonderful photos, Bente. I can see that the location is truly unique. No wonder the festival draws such a large crowd. Love the tents & the interior decorations.


  2. Great shots – I’ve been in Hell, the norwegian Hell and wrote about it in a post on my blog (in danish) to “lure” more danes up there – I really enjoy really the festival – enjoyed “Eikerapen Roots Festival” too… πŸ˜‰


  3. Looks like great fun. On a recent visit to Lofoten we inadvertently came across a Western festival in Leknes – all the locals were wearing cowboy hats.

    I believe there is a deserted fishing village at the far south of Moskenes also called Hell (or maybe Helle).

    You certainly live in a very beautiful place, Bente. We loved our time in the Arctic region of your country:


  4. We get the ‘Blues Brothers’ or tributes of them, playing near here. Always makes a great evening out. You’ve put a new meaning on the expression “Been to Hell and Back”. Now if Hell was really filled with music, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad place to end up!


  5. Your photos give a wonderful sense of atmosphere. Incidentally, I live in a place called Old and we have lots of problems when asked for our address. I can just imagine living in Hell!!


  6. I love this innocent statement of yours: “For some reason many international musicians like the idea of playing here, to have been to Hell.” LOL….


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