The little moose dog

I met this little dog yesterday. He was only 12 weeks old, and he is a moose hunting dog of mixed breed. His toy was a moose leg, and he already looks as if he “owns” the big animal. Link to my collection of dog photos.


96 thoughts on “The little moose dog

      1. Not rare at all, Emily. The numbers during winter (before calfing) is probably around 120.000 in Norway, about 35.000 is hunted each year, and moose have been hunted in Scandinavia for thousands of years. There were quite few moose about 100-150 years ago when there were a lot of wolves around. One pack of wolves eat about 100 moose a year..


  1. YIKES and OH MY! Moose leg? This is foreign to me. We stick mostly to biscuits and rawhide (which I hear is not good for the pups, so no to the rawhide…). Although, we do have a giant German Shepherd that would probably LOVE that leg!
    That pup is precious!


    1. They need dogs to find the moose (tracking dogs, going in a leash), and they use free running dogs (one) to run after the moose. They bark a lot and make the moose to stop, in that way it is easier to shoot him safely. The moose, like all wildlife, is protected in Norway except for the hunting season, and for moose that starts on the 25th September and it lasts for only one month.


  2. That is a beautiful dog. And a great photo that shows that you and the dog ‘met’; not just a snapshot. That moose leg is early training and foundation work for a soon-to-be moose hunting dog. I didn’t even know people used dogs for hunting moose.


    1. There are differnt kind of moose hunting dogs, and our Norwegian Elkhound is the national dog of Norway. That one is used the most, but there are others, from Sweden and Russia among others. This charmer is a mixed breed..


  3. Bente, las fotos ejemplares y muy tiernas.
    Los cánidos, nuestros perros… ¡Qué mirada tan sumisa y paciente, que tristemente honda!
    ¿Interrogantes ante ellos? Muchísimos. Y un amor tremedo a tan soberana estampa y don.


  4. A loveable appealing dog, great pics you have taken, you certainly have a great diverse site here and I look forward to following your works
    Aussie Emu aka Aussie Ian


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