My new friends

I went to the mountains last weekend, returning with hundreds and hundreds of photos. That means quite a lot of hours before the computer the next days. Here are some of my new friends. One norwegian politician became famous, maybe for the wrong reason, when she said “sheep are alright animals“, when she tried to comment on farming politics. I tend to agree, about the sheep.

There are more sheep pictures in my photo gallery.

47 thoughts on “My new friends

  1. I think not alone some norwegian politicians but many many politicians are more “sheepy” than the real sheeps are – even than the black sheeps – it’s in fact a wonderful animal and I speak now about the real sheeps… 😉

    A lovely tripel, really like your shots… 😉


  2. I loved your new friends… these are wonderful photographs, as if I can touch them… I hate politics and politicians… Sheeps are better than them 🙂 Thank you dear Bente, I am impatient now for your other photographs 🙂 Have a nice day, love, nia


  3. Last week when I trained the fetching of a duck over wide water with Diesel, there were still sheep in the meadow behind the dike on the other side, where the duck lay. The farmer first had to usher them to another meadow. Lucky for me Diesel did well and without further ado fetched the duck, swam back across and gave it to me. Despite the tempting smell of the sheep droppings. 🙂


  4. Sheep are OK, but there’s nothing cuter than little fluffy lambs. We used to raise them for awhile and the lambs are so cute and so much fun to watch. Love your pictures, they reminded me of those days.


  5. Great images! The sheep have such an expression, in the top shot the one on the left appears as though it intends to speak with us and in the following image has thought better of it as people so rarely listen.


    1. I am not an Oslo expert, Globalgarnish, since I live 550 km to the north. But here are 10 things recomended, and the highlights are there:
      In addition I would recomend the Kon-Tiki Museum:
      It is close to the Viking Ship Museum and the Polar ship museum, all just outside the city center.
      I don’t know your interests, if it is modern art this is the place (one of them), but also outside the city:


  6. Curious sheep. It’s now been proven apparently that sheep aren’t as stupid as their reputation would have, and are quite cognizant, thoughtfull creatures. These guys are cute 🙂


  7. Love the way the sheep are staring right at you in the first picture. Have to agree with EllaDee – I think sheep (like all animals if it comes to that), are thoughtful and curious. The more one observes animals, the more one realizes they have thoughts and feelings.


  8. What’s wrong with saying sheep are alright? Should she have said they were great? Or not great? It doesn’t seem that controversial a statement. It makes Norway seem idyllic compared to what our politicians get in trouble for… 🙂


  9. I miss sheep…haha. Its been over a year since I’ve seen one in the flesh – we’ve gone from New Zealand which is famous for having more sheep than people to South Korea where they don’t exist as a farming breed! I’d kill for a roast lamb right about now…


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