The reindeer-house

If you come across a house like this, it means a hunter is living there. In this case a reindeer hunter who occasionally do some moose. 30.000 years ago the reindeer was the most important sustenance for our European forefathers. Today Norway have international responsibility for the wild european reindeer. Hunting regulates the population, so that it does not grow larger than the grazing resources permit, and this is a very old tradition for harvesting food. You can read more at the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundations web site.

This house is in the very small mountain village of Blæsterdalen, not far from Rondane National Park.  If you look at the picture below, there is a small road, a private road and you have to pay a small amount to use it. You put the money in a box by the side of the road, and then just lift the barrier and go. It is based on trust like many things in Norway.

These days I have some wordpress problems. For reasons I don’t know I am not able to write comments on some blogs, but others I can. Sorry for this Chillbrook, Awindowtothewoods, Catrinblue, David Oakes, Geedebee, Cruzdelsur, Roberto Alborghetti, Edith Levy, Oneowner, Thewanderlustgene, Pierettej, Photosxavier, and I am sure many more. This have lasted for some time, I hope not forever.

24 thoughts on “The reindeer-house

  1. Great post, and so refreshing about the honor system.
    In the past I had trouble making comments, but I wrote WordPress and gave them the names of the blogs that my comments were not reaching. It took two attempts, but they fixed the problem. Good luck! Z


  2. Such a lovely glimpse of your small town. Sorry about the WordPress problem. It seems like they have these glitches every now and then. I had a problem for awhile when I was somehow accidentally logged out. Have you checked to make sure you’re logged in?


  3. Every time you show us another part of your world I want to get on an airplane and fly right over there. Simply beautiful in a rustic sort of way.


  4. Lovely post Bente. Sorry to hear you’re having problems leaving comments. A quick google of the problem and it seems you’re not alone. I don’t know if there are any solutions or it’s just a glitch that will fix itself. Hope to hear from you soon. 🙂


  5. Lovely images once again. Bente.
    I love seeing your country, culture & wildlife.

    (Sorry to hear you are having WordPress problems – I had a technician look at my computer only last week as I couldn’t figure my internet issues – I DID wonder if it was a WordPress issue at one stage).


  6. Comme toujours, les paysages sont magnifiques . J’aime l’anecdote du chemin privé . Ici, quelques paysans vendent à l’extérieur de leur ferme, des oeufs, pommes de terre , courges ou fleurs , à côté de la marchandise se trouve une petite boîte où les clients mettent l’argent … confiance ! même chose que le chemin de privé de Norvège 😉


  7. Many of your landscapes (such as the bottom one at this post) have a rich sense of place….this is especially rewarding for those of us who have never been to your part of the world. Look forward to seeing more!


  8. Great pictures! I like your blog . Yes, I don`t know much of your country. 38 years ago I was in Oslo. That`s it. Therefore, I particularly enjoy the impressions


  9. I like the photo, it’s very impressive, but I also feel sorry for the hunted deer. Never mind, it’s just me, I would never have the nerve to kill an animal, unless it’s a cockroach, ew!


  10. That reindeer house is really fascinating. 🙂 Thanks for the glimpse of your village life. Hope your internet woes are soon cleared. Thanks so much for your likes on my blog. 🙂


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