The ruccola flower

The ruccola salad, or rocket, as some of you call it, grows surprisingly well in my garden. But the season is not long, and suddenly there are some long, ugly plants with some seemingly useless flowers on top. Useless until I read that they tasted well too, not only the young leaves. And I have tried, the taste is excellent. A bit strong, nut-like taste that can go well in a salad, or on a pasta dish. And since I have now looked more closely – they even look nice. But as always before you eat any plant, be sure what you do. There are more photos of edible flowers in my photo gallery.


42 thoughts on “The ruccola flower

  1. Aha ! So, this is the flower of Rocket.
    While eating and seeing it leaves, I’ve been wondering
    “What sort of plant is this ? ? ?” —– I had no guess.
    ( So, this plant is related to Mustard and Cabbage ? :-))
    How beautiful.
    Thank you to educate me Bente.


    1. As a member of the cabbage family (Brassicaceae) it must be related to mustard and cabbage, as you already found out, Yoshizen. I am learning too, from your blog, and from writing my own.. 😉 You need a garden, or a window sill to see the flowers, otherwise the plants are harvested a long time before flowering.


  2. In Italian then name is ARUGULA or ARUGOLA. We say that eating it will make you have vivid dreams. I grew it in California and ate it at all stages of growth and flowering but never did it give me vivid dreams. Darn it…!!!
    In this country it is called Rocket Salad because it makes your mouth explode.


  3. Lovley images, Bente.

    (by co-incidence I photographed this flower in the Botanic Gardens herb section a few weeks ago and didn’t know what it was called, so was delighted to see the name in this post).


  4. I photographed some of those little flowers that appear around my house in spring and I often eat ruccola salad (bought in the supermarket), but I just never connected both. Silly me!
    Nice photos.


  5. This is an ugly plant….LOL! I am familiar with rocket in salads, in fact I don’t like it as there is no moisture in the leaf and it gets stuck in my teeth (I prefer Iceberg lettuce or Cos in salads, they crisp up nicely and have that moisture content, which is especially wonderful in the warmer months). Now, as to the ruccola flowers, they are unusual and very pretty. I’m glad you changed your mind about them, bente….LOL. 😉


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