The deer farm – Torsvoll Hjort

Only the native red deer (Cervus elaphus atlanticus) can be used for deer farming in Norway. The first farms were established around 1985, and now there are 60-70 deer farms in the country. Torsvoll Hjort in the Røros region is one of them, and what is special with this farm it the location, quite high up in the mountains. Since the deer usually lives closer to the coast. At Torsvoll the animals are also quite used to people. They are not tamed, but when the owners offer some tasty food they are quite eager to come. There are more photos from the deer farm in my photo gallery.

26 thoughts on “The deer farm – Torsvoll Hjort

    1. I am not sure about the hooves, Disperser, but everything else is used. They are especially farmed because of the meat. New Zeeland is biggest “the largest supplier of farm-raised venison. In 2006 New Zealand had approximately 3,500 deer farms, with an estimated stock of 1.7 million deer.”(Wikipedia) But you also have this in the USA:


      1. Not criticizing or judging. I probably have not heard about it here because hunting is big business, and deer meet is not something the general population would go out an buy (I’ve never seen it i stores), although there are a number of restaurants that serve game dishes.


      2. In Denmark there’s especially deer farms too, the meat are wery popular around the world and mostly send aboard mostly because of the prizes – in other parts of the world there are, for example crocodile farms (crocodile meat is quite popular), ostrich farms (in Denmark too) and other farm with animals you maybe did not expect – in Denmark is also eel farms… 🙂


    1. Sweet and trusting, yes, like more or less all animals. Only cows and a few goats are milked in Norway, Zeebra, and they all end as beef afterwards. But at least these animals have what seems like a good life, for at least one and a half year. A chicken lives only 30 days, in a chicken factory..


      1. So true, and i am NOT 😉 a vegetarian though i seem to get more sensitive to the intelligence and feelings of nature as i get older. it is obvious that the deer are given a humane way to live, and in turn they give their life so that we can live and be healthy. we could also apply that to any living thing, including our plant-based diet. i say that as just-picked hibiscus blossoms and fresh mint simmer for tea! my garden gives me joy,and i appreciate harvesting the fruits and flowers and leaves!


  1. The top photo is stunning. Very impressive !
    ( By the way, it’s too late to worry about the fate of Venison.
    We are all killing the beans, onions, boiled or frying alive.
    Don’t pretend to be innocent and stand higher 😀 )


    1. These animals lives outdoors, in three huge enclosures, and since they are not too many (60-65 + calves etc), they get some pasture and natural food. I guess the veterinarian don’t have much to do, especially since the animals manage everything about breeding and calfing themselves. Thanks, Gunta.


    1. Thanks, Nia, so nice of you. And that young stallion really looks like St. claus’ reindeer, even if he is a deer, not reindeer. Hollywood maybe don’t know the difference. 😉


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