Synthetic nature

The Epiphyte Grove is artwork by Philip Beesley, commisioned by Meta.Morf 2012, that is Norway’s most extensive biennial for art and technology. The canadian has made an interactive environment that moves and breathes around its viewers, creating an environment that can ‘feel’ and ‘care’. It is called “next-generation artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, and interactive technology create an nearly alive environment.”

I used to write about art and see a lot of exhibitions years ago. Then I got tired and nearly stopped exploring art. I prefered the woods and other environments. But here I go again. More photos from Meta.Morf in my photo gallery.


42 thoughts on “Synthetic nature

  1. Oh dear. —– I’ve been making somewhat similar kind but in much small scale.
    (because I also play with electronics 🙂 )
    There always somebody who does it bigger. 😀


  2. I don’t know if you are still having problems commenting on blogs Bente. I managed to establish that it wasn’t that I couldn’t comment but that my comments were going straight to spam. I contacted WordPress and it was suggested I contact Askimet directly to solve the problem. This is the link – Perhaps spam is where your comments are ending up. You just need to point this out to Askiment and they’ll adjust the filters. I did and am having no problems now.


    1. Yes, I still have this problem, and your blog is one of the blogs I can’t comment on, Chillbrook. My problem is I can’t write – the place for commenting doesn’t react when I try. Seems the place for comment is not activated. So it is not ending as spam. I will check akismet all the same..


      1. Oh. I’m not dissing it. It’s visually striking (calling it “art” biases it a tad for me), and I would have entered as well . . . just saying, given the choice, what I prefer. But no reason one can’t do both.


  3. In one of the comment here says:
    “Strange but exciting…not bad at all”
    just my words tooo ‘smile’

    About your “got tired of art and using a lot of time to see a lot of exhibitions – I understands you – much ‘hahaha’ – turned to the nature myself too – and found out that nature that’s art too – so now I turn on and off both (and sports too) and don’t get tired of anything (almost)… ‘big smile’


    1. In fact I do both, Drake, both nature and culture (especially the first), but I can do without sport (smile). The best of everything (except sports) is a good mix. 😉


  4. I love art (having painted & sketched alot in my youth), but I have to say these pieces leave me unmoved. I still prefer Nature’s artwork – living, breathing flora and fauna.

    Having said that, your photos are good (of these unusual pieces).


  5. Brilliant photos of the artwork!

    I could view art for hours. Each piece is unique. These are so different; yet I keep looking at the concept of artificial intelligence; interesting!


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