Dark water bright light


It is just before the snow in the mountains, but there is still a little bit of colours left. The bright light from the sunset made these straws look like pure gold. There are some more pictures from this area, Tydal nature, in my photo gallery.



59 thoughts on “Dark water bright light

  1. Beautiful pictures, and I enjoy your FB gallery pictures! I really need to find the time to open a FB!
    I am missing out on so much!


    1. Yes, we have a lot of aurora, aurora borealis. We see the northern light only in the winter months of course, because during summer the night is not dark. And we see it only on starry nights when it is quite cold (5-25 below zero). Haven’t seen much of it this autumn yet, but I am going too. It happens quite often around here, Mayur, but I have not tried to capture it with my camera yet. There are som many others who do this, but maybe I should try too..


      1. Bente, please try. then I will proudly re-blog ur posts of Auroras in my blog… 🙂 If I come to ur nation then this will be my first priority to see. ofcourse now that I have seen ur country through ur blog there are now too many things fascinating enough to check out….


  2. A superb ‘find’. Of the two I prefer the second – the straws are much bolder and create a beautiful foreground without taking anything away from the magical light on that patch of water.


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