Mating season


The reinsdeers have mating season from the middle of September to the middle of October. In this time the animals are not so afraid of people, since they are busy with each other, especially the males. Like this one that I met a few days ago. Calling for the ladies. Then he glanced at me for a second and off he went. All the reindeers in my region and all the way up north to the russian border is owned by the sami, the indegionous people of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. There are more pictures from reindeer herding and the sami people in my photo galleries.

24 thoughts on “Mating season

  1. Lovely.
    Am looking forward to more reindeer photos as the season continues. I have a documentary on the Sami people and find their ability to live their traditional lifestyle both interesting and inspiring. So many indigenous peoples have sucumbed to modern lifestyles, that it’s refreshing to see a group that adheres to many of their old ways of life.


  2. Hello!
    Although I have been refraining from posting a comment on your site (I see that you have a lot of friends to reply to), I guess I can no longer resist. And after all, since I am following you, I thought it would be best to confess how I delight in both your words and photos.

    Nordic style homes (if that makes sense at all) are pretty popular over here in Japan, but I have found that it never really looks quite right. Now I know what is missing: antlers on the wall :).


  3. I wonder if a reindeer calling to his potential mate sounds like an elk’s bugling. We have had that song in our backyard for weeks now, the boys calling for the ladies. It’s an eerie sound- can’t quite get used to it. But feeling lucky to live right in the middle of nature. 🙂 thanks for sharing!


  4. Bente, it’s wonderful getting a look at the natural traditions of the Sami and the reindeer, your gallery of photos is great. Pretty impressive sets of antlers on those boys …. looking very handsome.


  5. With the world as crazy as it is I might never make it to Norway, but as least I can enjoy it through your eyes. Too bad you didn’t capture an audio of that mating call.


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