Viewpoint Sohlbergplassen

The painting Winter’s Night in Rondane by Harald Sohlberg has given the name to Sohlbergplassen. That is a piece of modern architecture from were you get a view to Rondane National Park. This is exactly were the famous (in Norway) painting was made.  These blue mountains lie by the Rondane National Tourist Route, one of many roads in scenic nature adapted for travelers lately. Rondane was established 50 years ago as the first national park in Norway, as I wrote about in an earlier post.

When I and a fellow photographer arrived at Sohlbergplassen just before dark we met these nature photographers from Sweden. They are all veterans in nature photo and it was a nice meeting. Jan Grahn (to the left) is 82 and still going strong. He was one of the founders of the organization Naturfotograferna.

The road to Sohlbergplassen goes through this beautiful landscape, in autumn colours when we were there. There are more photos from Rondane in my photo gallery.

49 thoughts on “Viewpoint Sohlbergplassen

  1. Beautiful landscapes.

    One of the things I love about photography is that it doesn’t matter what age you are – you can take photos well in to old age.

    I like the figure in the foreground of the 4th image – gives it a personal touch.


  2. Thanky you for this very educating post and the introduction to Harald Sohlberg And the gorgeous pictures of course!
    I learn a little bit more about my beautiful home country in a playful way, very nice. I’d love to go to Rondane one day.

    Greetings from the Rhine Valley


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