Some donkeys and churches

Had to stop and say hello when I met these friendly fellows some weeks back, on my way home from Rondane national park. There are not many donkeys in Norway, and horses are the main business for Hjerkinn Fjellstue. This is said to be the oldest family business in Norway, now run by the 13th generation, and they offer horse riding in the mountains. There are more photos of horses in my photo gallery.

Just around the corner is this church, Eysteinkirka, and as you can see from the sheep this is not city life, but actually high up in the mountains. The church was built in 1969, on the same place as a church built in 1100. The church is used by pilgrims, as this is by the pilgrim route from Oslo to Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim.

Going home that day I also passed this extraordinary church, Horg church in Lundamo. Having a closer look I found out the incredible colour was due to restoration. There are more photos of norwegian churches in my photo gallery.

24 thoughts on “Some donkeys and churches

  1. Those donkeys are so cute 🙂 love the churches too and the views. Your country is beautiful and I would love to visit one day.


  2. I like donkeys. They somehow look so cuddly. But they have real personalities too. At least the ones I know. 🙂
    As for churches, there are some I like and some I don’t. I like chapels and the smaller country- and village-churches. I do not care much for those huge pompous Gothic ones in some big cities.


  3. The Eysteinskyrkja church (I love copy and paste!!) is awesome. Really nice idea combining the spire and main building elements. Architecture and donkeys – great combo! : )


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