Reindeer editing

I have been visiting the reindeer herders this week, to take pictures of them working with the reindeers. A great experience again of course, but when back home I need days editing pictures. So just one. This is a female reindeer followed by her calf, and the size of the calf shows that the pastures have been good this summer.

There are earlier pictures from reindeer herding and the indigenous people of Norway and Sweden in my photo collection Reindeer herding and Sami life.

36 thoughts on “Reindeer editing

    1. Yes, let’s hope for a good winter. That means a cold one for them. If the weather varies between cold and rain, there will be ice on the ground and difficult to find food.. Thanks, Wanderlust.


      1. Bente how long do the reindeer live? Bella Remy says that over in the States the deer in Shenandoah National Park don’t live much beyond five years of age, which seems extraordinary for such a large animal.


      2. That depends, Wanderlust. I see on a zoology site that a female reindeer in the wild could have a calf every year until 14 yers, but usually don’t live that long. A male might live til 11 years, but often don’t live that long (they have to fight every autumn). The herders who owns “tame” reindeers live from meat production, and since it is the female that produce new animals, it is mainly the males that are slaughtered. So most of them don’t live that long at all (1-2 years), but I knew a tamed reindeer male before, he was at least 10 years the last time I saw him…Otherwise the herds live more or less like the wild reindeer, and they are genetically the same animal.


  1. Egentligen är det en kuturskatt som vi har, rennäringen, men det finns ett folk i Ryssland som precis som samerna förlorar sina kulturmarker och mer eller mindre tvingas in i det moderna samhället, de sysslar ocksà med rennäring, fast där är det oljan som driver bort dem… Jag skulle vilja resa till norra Sibirien och fotografera dem… Ha det bra!


    1. The reindeer herding is a culture that few know a lot about, especially the South Sami, since they are so few. I agree, we should treasure them more. In Russia there are very few sami, around 2000, but of course there are a lot of other indiginous people in Russia, even with reindeers, and northern Sibiria would be exciting to visit, and cold! Ha det bra du og, Maria.


  2. I think this series is one of my most favorite things I’ve come across in all of the time I’ve followed other blogs…MORE, MORE, MORE please 🙂


    1. It is not actually the ribs, Cybermum, but I see what you mean. It is for some reason a pattern in the fur, but it is not going all the way round like the ribs would. The fur is quite thick again now, and the reindeers too. At least compared with may-june, then the are loosing the thick fur and they may be more or less thin after the winter. No worry.


  3. I love your reindeer pics. Love seeing everything about the life & scenery around them. Glad it’s that time of year again. Am looking forward to seeing your photos of the reindeer herds in the snow again.


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