Viewpoint Snøhetta

The tradition in Norway is to built very traditionally close to nature, but the last couple of years we have seen several projects with modern architecture, right in the middle of natural landscapes. I have posted about two such sites, the viewpoint Sohlbergplassen, vith a spectacular view towards Rondane National Park, and the smaller project, a viewpoint in the village of Selbu. A few weeks ago I visited Viewpoint Snøhetta. The awardwinning pavilion is made by Snøhetta AS. The architects are of course more known for the Alexandria Library in Egypt, but this small shelter in the mountains are attracting crowds. Actually 20.000 this summer.

Viewpoint Snøhetta is located at Hjerkinn on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park, overlooking the Snøhetta mountain massif. The small building is not far from the E6. It is open to the public until the beginning of November and serves as an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation educational programmes. A 1,5km nature path brings visitors to this spectacular site, 1200 meters above sea level.  I have an article today about the place in the newpaper Nationen. It was a great experience even if I didn’t see any reindeers, and the only musk ox I met was the permanent one standing by the path. There are more pictures from Viewpoint Snøhetta in my photo gallery.

12 thoughts on “Viewpoint Snøhetta

  1. One of the many things I as dane fond of by you lovely norwegian “gubber” is that you generally are as close to nature as norwegians are – actually in harmony with it in a lovely pragmatic spirit… 🙂

    – also modern Norwegian architecture fits in the style… 🙂


  2. Having just visited Norway for the first time in summer, I long to be back again- and to visit the places you photograph too! Glad to have found your blog.


  3. Wow, Bente – stunning piece of architecture. Nice to see people ‘thinking outside the box’ and giving way to their imagination in such a striking fashion.


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