Reindeer corral B&W

I did black & white once, in those days were we had to work in the darkroom. Now I feel colours are part of the documentary photos I usually do, and at the same time I love the colours of life. But, here are some B&Ws from the same reindeer corral I visited last week..

There are more photos from reindeer herding and sami life in my photo galleries. You can see all my blog posts about reindeer herding in this reindeer link.



30 thoughts on “Reindeer corral B&W

  1. B&W can really be beautiful and sometimes adds extra value to a photograph. I also like the reindeer link. Whenever I have some time to spare I can look at your previous posts about this interesting subject and learn a bit more about these animals.


  2. Thanks for your visit to my website 😀
    I’ve just loiok some of your pictures and see those animals.
    Are people choose this for Santa Claus ? 😉
    ps : if you understand french it’s better for me, but english i write only basic langage .


  3. These are stunning images, Bente. And fun to see how your way of shooting has changed over the years, no? I love the way you play with variation within a limited space. Great work!


  4. Wow, what synchronicity that you would visit my blog, Pacific NW Author leading me to find a post on reindeer and Sami reindeer herders! I’ve been working on a chapter on Sami yoik for a book I’m writing on music. Your reindeer pictures are fabulous and b/w was a good choice to photograph them.


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