A reindeer on the rocks

Reindeer were the most important food for our European ancestors. About 6000 years ago some stone age person was carving this picture of a reindeer in the rocks. Bølareinen is probably the most famous rock art in Norway, and is visited by about 30.000 people every year. Included many tourists who stop to visit on their way to North Cape.

The carving of the life size reindeer was found in 1842. Since then more carvings are discovered in the area, like a bear and a person, the latter in 2001. The carvings in Bølareinen used to be painted, but the new trends for archealogical rock art sites is to not add any colour. That way it is harder to see the art of our ancestors, but at the same time, this is maybe how they were originally.

There is a small waterfall among the different rock art in this place, and some information.

There are more pictures from Bølareinen in my photo gallery. And also pictures from other rock art sites in Norway. And I have previously made a post about the rock art of Alta, a Unesco World Heritage site since 1885.




44 thoughts on “A reindeer on the rocks

      1. You mean you tasted reindeer meat while in Europe, Cocomino? That is impressive. Reindeer was important food and culture all over Europe thousands of years ago. Now mainly in northern Scandinavia.


  1. I visited the Alta rock art 8 years ago and it was very impressive. Thanks for the tip to Bølareinen. I’ve never heard about it before. But should I be nearby I*ll visit it. It looks interesting because they are without colours! Ha en kjempefin dag. 🙂


    1. Bølareinen is about exactly half the way to Alta, Allesistgut, close to the city Steinkjer. Even this reindeer had some colour some years ago. It was easier to see the carving then, but the colour was added..


  2. Nice shots. Interesting about the stop on painting them, I was on a site in the US recently, there they had painted around man made features, water channels and the like, I found it very bad taste.


  3. I really had to look to see the first outline…I was looking for a bit of colour..In South Africa I have sen rock art created with reds and browns…QUite something to engrave it in the rock like that!


    1. It is not exactly a park, Emily. It is just a part of a huge forest with some rock art in it. Everybody is free to go there anytime. But you are right, it is an interesting place.


  4. How interesting – thanks for sharing Bente.
    This area looks like the sort of place I would like to visit.


  5. Excelente Bente, excelente reportaje. Y te digo que por acá tenemos de esa cualidad, en insculturas de petroglifos, parecidos a todos esos que publicas. Por cierto, que el paisaje no deja de tener un gran parecido en general.


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