Golden times

The summer vanished too quickly, as it always do. But there’s something about fall that makes it a special time: the colours that are created when green turns to golden. These are some photos I did just outside my house.

There are more photos of autumn colours in my Golden gallery.


59 thoughts on “Golden times

  1. So very beautiful. Soak up the color before winter takes over…. but then there will be lovely snow scenes. Each season seems to have its very own beauty.


  2. Love your blog and thank you so much for liking mine! Norway looks so beautiful and you have taken many beautiful photos!!! Do you ever allow artists to paint from your photos? I understand that they are copywritten.


    1. Thanks for your nice comment, Jelly Massee. I don’t mind artists making paints from my photos, as long as it is not a “copy”, but the artist own expression. Nobody can stop an artist making his or hers own interpretation as far as I know.


      1. You are very kind. Thank you. Some of them just beg to be painted. I will inform you if I do this however and show you the result. It won’t be for some time, however, I am getting into the holiday season and getting busy, as I imagine you will be to. I shall follow your site with interest.


  3. Ah…!!! el otoño… ese inmenso prodigio porque la naturaleza de reclina sobre sí misma y hasta nace… sumida en toda suerte de colores ingeniosos, sostálgicos, secretos casi. Es un delirio festivo para la vista, seguro y para el en la fotografía vierte su maestría y sensibilidad artista.
    Las fotos las encuentro de lujo, como envidiable tener ese color y efectos a pie de casa.
    Felicitaciones, Bente. Vives, pienso, en la suerte de un paraíso.


  4. Ännu snyggare bilder! Jag vill välja en favorit men klarar inte det. Tycker om alla, och kanske ändå, det regnvåta bladet är vackrast, fast, hm, de är alla strålande!
    Allt gott till dej och en kram!


  5. without doubt.. the first frame. keep them coming Bente.. and yes, i love this season too. Mumbai city is always hot and humid. but it is for this season for very few days we get to feel cold. and I m loving it as it has just started…


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