Some black & white reindeers


I have converted some of my reindeer pictures to black & white, and at the same time trying to make a portfolio on my web site. I had this option for a long time, but didn’t do anything about it befor today. So here it is, my first portfolio, from south sami reindeer herding in Norway. That is, from the spring migration last April:

53 thoughts on “Some black & white reindeers

  1. For me, except for a few notable exception (the dog being one of them), the photos work a tad better in color.

    I’m referring to the sweeping panoramas, where the reindeer don’t show up as well as they had in the color shots.

    Then again, I am so often wrong, that were I someone other than me, I would not go by anything the me says.


  2. It surprises me…it is a wonderful picture itself, I’m sure it is stunning with colours.
    None the less this black&white rendering gives a strong emotion, unreal, poetic and slightly real. Like a good old book that makes tou tremble with emotions.


  3. I visited your portfolio. And I have to say. It’s awesome. The reindeer series in b/w is gorgeous. I really love the high contrast and the beautiful motives and perspectives you used.
    Ha en kjempefin dag! 🙂


  4. Magnificent serie in your portfolio, these black reindeers on the snow look like a written story on a page, or little notes on music paper. Congratulations, beautiful graphism, Lou.


  5. Bella idea, bella dedicación y espectacular el resultado: esa panoplia de fotos es ejemplar sin falta alguna.
    ¡¡¡Felicitaciones y mil gracias, que todo es sorprendente y especial!!!

    Bente, un gran saludo. Al


  6. That’s not a cloud to the right of the picture – that’s Father Christmas’ beard wafting past as his sleigh sails through the air. An amazing transformation and we seem to see so much more now that your picture is in b&w.


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