Freezingly cold


It has been freezingly cold for some weeks, and it is going to stay cold. It is interesting to take pictures in such conditions, if you dress right and don’t stay quiet too long. In that way I would have liked to be outside more lately, but at least I did a few. The last one is through the window in my shed.



There are more pictures in my snow and ice portfolio:

92 thoughts on “Freezingly cold

  1. Great images, Bente.
    I never cease to be in awe of the beauty in Nature’s small details.
    The third image of the snow on the window is my favourite.


  2. It always amazed me how the frost on windows often takes the shape of ferns or leaves. I don’t know why it does that. Looks very delicate. You deserve a medal for braving the elements to take these photos.


    1. Really cold, yes. According todays newspaper, Decemer haven’t been as cold since 1902 in my region. Between 10-19 below zero for a month now. But it looks nice, the fem hours of daylight we have (1-2).


  3. I miss those frozen images and the feelings, I had in the mountain and the
    shelter (or hut) where I experienced -38 degree C, as the coldest.
    When top and bottom eyelashes frozen together and prevent the eye to open,
    or as the nasal hair frozen when we inhale the air, we feel the small pain
    inside of nose 🙂
    I guess, you have not felt a danger of your finger stuck frozen to the camera
    as the camera has very little naked metal parts these days 🙂


    1. I know what you mean with frozen nostrils, Yoshizen. Didn’t know you had this exprerience. And no, no fingers stuck frozen to the camera. We got this knowledge as small kids: if you lick on metal in winter time your tongue get stuck… 😉


  4. Oooooh! I worked outside until dark today and am still a bit sweaty. From my perch on the balcony, I felt quite a chill while viewing these images! Thank you for reminding me of the profound beauty of your area. The images are lovely, though they remind me to treasure my climate here on the equator!


  5. Breathtaking! I viewed the link and absolutely loved the pictures; brrr!!

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?


  6. I love your photos and your portfolio. This freezing cold is the best artist and you captured the artworks so very good. The light in the window-photo is wonderful.
    Ha en finfin onsdag! 🙂


  7. Beautiful Bente – we get these crystals too – usually when we’ve had a fog, then sharp cold. I like getting out with the camera too. I read somewhere recently that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’. Thought it very apt for my photographer friends. – Suzan –


  8. Una serie sorprendente y maravillosa, tan atenta a lo general hermoso como a lo singular escondido.
    Muy buena… espero que para ofrecer este espectáculo no pasaras frío: los fuertes de norte, suelen ser así.
    Saludos en la antepuerta de la Navidad, ahora recordada.


  9. Ja, dette ser virkelig ut som sprengkulde. Jeg elsker vinteren, men denne kulda kan jeg godt klare meg uten. Litt tröst med flotte bilder fra deg, da. 🙂
    Ha en god helg
    Hilsen Hanne


    1. Delicate and frosty, that is your pictures too, Karen. Delicate is your middle name! I have a feeling your canadian world is not that different (nature and climate)? But welcome, of course!


  10. We haven`t had any snow here in W.Midlands Uk – just lots of rain but we did have a few days of sharp frost and your picture of the window reminded me when I got into my car one frosty morning and the windscreen looked like that. Unfortunately I didn`t have my camera with me and I must admit my thoughts were more on defrosting it all so I could begin my journey. Lovely photographs.


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