Trondheim Christmas Market


There have been a Christmas market in town for the last couple of weeks. It was an hour drive for me to go, but well worth it. There is a certain athmosphere in a market like this, and it was very nice even if it was quite cold.


The market was held for the 10th time, with locally made crafts and food. But since Trondheim is a medieval town, I am quite sure the Christmas market have a long history in norwegian towns. They just didn’t look like this. By the way, the city of Trondheim send a big christmas tree to Hamburg in Germany every year. It is cut just outside the city like the tree on these photos.

I have a portfolio from Julemarkedet i Trondheim in my photo gallery, and you can also see other photo galleries.



44 thoughts on “Trondheim Christmas Market

  1. What a wonderful market. There’s nothing like snow combined with red and green to evoke that Christmas atmosphere.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos, Bente.


  2. London is receiving a big tree every year as a token to say
    “Thanks for the help when Norway was under the occupation”
    —– ? ? ?
    I didn’t know the Norway is sending a tree to
    Germany as well —– How generous !


  3. Lovely pictures Bente. Now this Christmas market I might be tempted to visit. It is such a nice tradition in Norway of giving trees. I believe the huge tree in Trafalgar Square, London comes from Oslo each year.


  4. Du tok masse fine bilder. De er veldig stemningsfulle og jeg ville være gjerne der på julemarkedet. Jeg visste ikke at Trondheim har denne tradisjon med julemarkeder. Kanskje kommer jeg en dag for å besøke Trondheim i forjulstiden. Det ville være veldig skjønn. 🙂
    Ha en fin dag!


  5. Wonderful photos… 🙂

    Yeah I’d told you about the norwegians and danes – you make the big ones and we make the small ones – speaking christmas trees for the germans – besides several town squares in Denmark have a big christmas tree from Trondheim every december – so they can light up the christmas rush in the cities… 🙂

    About your portfolio from “Julemarkedet i Trondheim” in your photo gallery – very well captured, really great work… 🙂


  6. Very festive – and I think being out in the snow and cold makes it feel all the more like Christmas. I never heard of a Christmas market before, perhaps the closest thing we have here in the States would be all the extra vendors we find indoors at the mall this time of year. It would be more fun to shop outside!


  7. My biggest thrill while visiting my brother in Holland was attending the Christmas market in Holland and Belgium. Never had a camera then. Oh how I wised I had. Every corner is a perfect shot. Loved this post.


  8. Merry Christmas, Bente. A bit early, but the cold has zapped our internet. I can leave you a message but can’t see your images. Oh well, I will again someday. Hoping you have a wonderful holiday!


  9. Wonderful colours, so warm and golden in the ‘blue hour’ and lovely hearts. There are some Christmas markets over here, too, but I haven’t visited one yet.
    Merry Christmas to you (though it’s still some days),
    thanks for the ‘likes’,


  10. I lived in Hamburg for a while – and yes, I saw the Trondheim Christmas trees sent every year. Lovely pictures of the market, I can imagine the scent of spiced mulled wine, hot roasted nuts and all those other delicious things one can buy at those markets.


  11. Underbara bilder! Det ser mysigt och trevligt ut! Jag var i Helsingör, och det brukar också vara mysigt, men det var inte riktigt julstämning på något sätt, det kändes bara kommersiellt.
    Hjärtanen! De är underbart vackra! Åh! Vad är de gjorda av?
    Allt gott till dej! och en julkram!


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