Blue days


The 21th December is a very important day for Scandinavians. It is the shortest day, and the longest night of the year. The sun is barely above the horizon, and even further north in Norway, it isn’t above the horizon at all. It is all night. But because of the snow it is some light anyway, even in the middle of the night. And the light is blue, dark blue.


And during the day, before the “sunrise” and after the “sunset”, there is the blue hour. Today the light wasn’t very blue, but still some shades of blue. We don’t think much about the short day, or the long night. The sun is “turning” as we say, you maybe call it winter solstice. Anyway, this day makes us happy. The next six months will be brighter and brighter unntil it is daylight all day and all night. More blue photos here.





37 thoughts on “Blue days

  1. I wished to experience these days by myself too. Always seems to me so interesting and amazing. Thank you for these photographs, have a nice day dear Bente, love, nia


  2. How beautiful! We are planning a trip to Lapland for next Christmas…a bit different from the hot, humid days we are having here right now. It is our ‘longest day’ today.


  3. it’s very beautiful; you help people like me imagine what it’s like to be ‘way up there,’ while here on the equator we have the same amount of day and night hours year round. i miss those long days of summer, but i don’t miss the short days of winter! yours, however, is quite lovely!


  4. I love the blue light you describe and show in your pictures. Tomorrow the sun will rise here at 7:11 a.m. and set at 4:22 p.m. – not as short as your shortest day of the year. Wishing you a happy winter solstice, Bente! I dream of seeing the winter light in Norway some day.


  5. How amazing…..and such a beautiful shade of blue.
    Thanks for sharing Bente. I would never see anything remotely like this ‘down under’ where I live.


  6. WOW beautiful Bente, wonderful te see how blue the light is, overhere in the Netherlands we have wet snow and the sky is grey! Enjoy de blue light en thanks for sharing.


  7. “Sun is turning”… suena bien en mi idioma…
    Bonitas fotos; y la penúltima, maravillosa para mi gusto.
    Felices fiestas, Bente; lo mejor para tu vida y causa.
    Mi saludo. Al


  8. Very nice photos, Bente…I find that blue effect when I’m in the snowy mountains in the early mornings before the sun comes over the ridges…and cannot imagine what it must be like to have it that way for months at a time….


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