Goro for Christmas


For Christmas we are suppost to make seven different christmas cakes and cookies. I have done so, some times. This year I have made four and are happy with this. For the first time I have made goro, the ones in the picture above. I didn’t have the right eqipment before, but I found an oldfashioned one in a secondhand market this autumn. Or rather, I bought two of these old, iron equipment to be sure at least one of them was ok. So now I have made goro, and in the traditional way. The cookies in the last pictures also turned out to be quite ok, if I might say so. Some more photos are here.




49 thoughts on “Goro for Christmas

    1. I was curious about the name, so I searched on the Internet and found a site that claims goro is a shortened version of gode raad, meaning ‘good advice’. I don’t know if that’s correct, but it’s plausible. Gode raad and God Jul to you.


  1. Goro are my favorite Norwegian cookies! And yours are very beautiful. I’ve never had any here in the U.S. and have never seen an iron for making them. But my cousin’s mother in Norway made them for us when we visited. I like them so much better than krumkaka.
    We started celebrating early today by eating Gjetost on rusks. Yum. And I’m making lefse on Monday morning.
    God Jul from Seattle!


    1. I like them better than krumkake too, for sure! It’s an old tradition, I don’t know how long it will survive, but I hope for long. And now I can contribute with my really old iron. Thanks, Pat. God Jul!


  2. Var det de jag såg på dina marknadsbilder?Fast i hhjärtform, tror jag? Fantastiskt vackra! Jag antar att de är goda också…I Sverige har vi inga sådana tradioner, vad jag vet. Kanske norröver mot Dalarna, Värmland, Jämtland i så fall.Jag har aldrig sett dem förut. Jag skulle däremot gärna smaka. Finns de att köpa i Norge eller finns de bara i hemmen?

    God Jul!


    1. På markedet var det nok pyntehjerter i bivoks (antar jeg) jeg tok bilde av. For dekorasjon. Det var litt underlig at dere ikke har slike tradisjoiner. Vi har jo så mye som er ganske likt. Goro finnes å få kjøpt, bare til jul, men jeg gjør aldri det. Vil ikke ha julekaker laget for 1-2 måneder siden, dyre er de også. Men flere og flere kjøper.. God Jul!


    1. I guess you are right about the effort to make these irons. And I am so happy I now owns one. There are electrical ones, but they stopped producing them this year, probably because too few takes the effort to make them. Can be bought just before Christmas, but not as good as homemade. Thanks, Finn, Merry Christmas.


  3. They look absolutely delicious, Bente.
    What luck to find the old cast iron moulds to cook with too.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


  4. These look wonderful. My father’s family was scandinavian and the tradition for seven cakes and cookies came over to America with them. We did not have the tools to make the fancy cookies like goro, but we enjoyed the cookies we had just the same.


  5. Hi,
    I never seen or heard of goro before, they look delicious, and I love the patterns, it does dress it all up beautifully.
    You and your family have a Very Merry Christmas, and all the Best for the New Year as well.


  6. How mouthwatering is that! You make me smile! I have fond memories of my mom with her Norwegian heritage (her family came from Larvik) baking for Christmas…. Fattigmann cookies…. Oh i loved them!! Also sandkake, sjokalade pinner, krumkake and on special occasions kranskake … and the most divine waffles 🙂 Happy times! It’s wonderful that you are keeping a tradition going making goro. The best of seasons wishes to you Bente 🙂


  7. Vilka fina gorån! Jag vill gärna ta ett! 🙂 Mamma har ett järn. De nedre kallar vi sirapsbröd elelr bondkakor i Sverige.
    Jag bakade både svenska och norska kakor till jul, för jag gjorde det tillsammans med en väninna som flyttat hit från Sortland. Det blev bl a serinakakor, multringer samt schackrutor och struvor som heter något helt annat på norska. :-
    Allt gott till dej och en kram!


  8. I’ll note down those biscuits for next Xmas… I’d really love to try them! I fear the major problem will be finding a proper mould… I haven’t seen any here in Italy so far… anyway: I still have one year ahead to find some 😉


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