Cold, cold, cold


It is very cold these days and the best thing about it is that winter looks like magic. There are diamonds everywere, and sparkling ice crystals. But the daylight doesn’t last long and I have other things to do. Otherwise I would be outside with my camera much more. So here is just a few, and a few more in my snow gallery. By the way, the latest WP changes made it difficult to find the New Post-button, but I made it.






97 thoughts on “Cold, cold, cold

  1. Wonderful! It is cold here, too, in Southern Arizona. We are not used to it. My pipes froze and one broke yesterday! We don’t have the beauty of the ice and snow (for which I think I am thankful).


    1. Sorry to hear about your pipes. Happened to me too, two years ago. Had to get water from my neighbours for 3 months, to wait for the ground to defreeze.. The problem with this beauty is that it happenes only when it is really cold (10-20 below zero, or more).


      1. Calgary is a normally dry climate. We see it when there is high humidity in the air, like a fog. The temperature gets cold, then the ice crystals deposit themselves as a coating on everything – particularly branches. It’s a lot thicker than an ordinary frost coating. Everything looks crispy and white and particularly beautiful against blue skies. 😀


  2. Cold – but: wonderfully ‘sugared’ 😉 Those snow-chrystals and the blue sky – that’s winter at its best.


  3. The sparkling frost adds something special to the photos. So does the BLUE sky. I’ve almost forgotten what that is! We’ve had such a gray winter. Wonderful photos, Bente. I felt shivery and cold when I looked at them but they are beautiful.


  4. Even though I now live in the Pacific Northwest, your photos remind me of the winter landscape in Minnesota where I spent several very cold years. Ice can be so dangerous but so beautiful as well.


  5. I love these photos! I will be in Helsinki in a few days for some delicious cold weather. It will completely different from the heatwave we are having here in Australia.


  6. Lovely set of photos. It looks downright cold, but great for some close-up images of the snow crystals.


  7. In Spain, the weather is cold too those days; however, in Málaga where I live, we are doing a 8 ºC. I sorry for my english, it’s horrible. I am learning English. Thanks you for visited my blog. Greetings.


  8. That is some serious coldness… here is Southern California people are freaking out because temperatures have hit 0-3C!! Here is Jimmy Kemmel making fun of it 🙂


  9. My initial impression – my VERY FIRST, mind – of the first photo was of Anna Karenina wrapped in her furs. The visual can do such marvelous things to the imagination!


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