Editing cold and blue


The freezingly cold weather, and the beautiful effects on the landscape, is going on and on. Actually as far ahead as the we know.

So I have some more of this kind of pictures to edit. Quite a lot actually. That includes sorting out what is really useless. My problem is I find it hard to decide, at least hard to decide which one to toss in the bin. These ones I have not tossed away at the moment, and I also did very little editing. They are more or less how they came from the camera. There are more in my frost photo gallery.vinter_januar_cw-5




43 thoughts on “Editing cold and blue

  1. Beautiful images. I love the simplicity of photos taken of snow-covered landscapes. Most of them, especially the close-ups of snow-covered branches, show wonderful detail. The first & second images are particularly lovely.

    I understand exactly how you feel when trying to decide which photos to delete. You look at one you’re not sure about and on different days you can see different areas that you love. Sometimes you’ve got to be very self-disciplined though (like I have to be now) – there’s just too many photos in one’s old folders to keep. Now I’ve only got 500GB on my little Mac Pro laptop, I have to be strong and delete the bulk of my day’s shooting and only keep a few. As I haven’t been out much over these hot days, I have taken the opportunity to do a lot of ‘housework’ on my computer. I’ve thrown a lot of photos in the trash and I feel so much better for it.

    The fourth image above, is the only one that is a wee bit ‘ordinary’ and that’s purely & simply because it doesn’t draw the viewer’s eye into any one part of the image (like all your other wonderful photos).


  2. These are gorgeous, but you should get a drive and save the ones you don’t think you like on the drive. Then, in case you change your mind, or have a challenge that might apply, you’d have them all in one place. Just a thought.


  3. You are so lucky, bente! If I had frost and snow and ice to play with, I’d be out there, every day, getting as close as I could to the subject matter, and having a field day (which means, enjoying myself tremendously). The top and third pix are my faves. If you were into more ‘creative’ image editing, there could be lots of things you could produce with these images that would look intriguing, to say the least! 😉


  4. How fantastic! It’s very cold! In Spain, we have suffered very windy with cyclogenesis. More trees have been broken. See you later!


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