56 thoughts on “Cold water

  1. These photos make me truly glad to be enjoying then from the comfort of my living room, and not outside. I remember such scenes from Minnesota. Thanks


  2. Beautiful !
    I like last three photos in the gallery
    [monsters are coming to home] kind of images 🙂

    By the way, I hope, the tap is not inside of your toilet 🙂
    (Isn’t the pipe got clacked with expanding ice inside ?)
    = in Japan, people drained the water before it get frozen.


    1. My toilet is safe, Yoshizen. This one is not connected to my house, actually no waterpipes connected to my house is in open air. Still it froze two years ago, and I really hope that wil never happen again. And yes, we are suppose to drain the pipes if we travel away but few people do as most people have very warm houses these days compared to before.


    1. I hope the shock wasn’t too big, Debra! But I guess you knew what to be expected? Enjoy your stay in the Nordic countries! 🙂 The finnish people use to roll around naked in the snow after taking the sauna…


  3. Wow, Bente.
    Such an interesting shot. I never would have thought that the ice & snow could cover a pipe/tap (?) like this. Your photo is so crystal clear.


  4. Oh my god! This is amazing! In the Netherlands everybody is complaining about the snow and cold weather (not me 😉 ) but they should visit your country haha!


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