Cold landscape


I went to our cabin in the mountains today, just to fix some small things. It was quite an icy landscape all the way. Not that much snow, less that usual for January, but everything was white, and light blue in the afternoontydal_januar_cw-4

Inside the cabin there was frost on both sides of the glass in the windows. It shouldn’t have been on the inside, since humidity is bad for houses. But it looked nice.  There are some more in my snow and frost photo gallery.




84 thoughts on “Cold landscape

  1. I’ve never seen so many ice crystals on the inside of windows like that. I hope it doesn’t rot the wood or create permanent damage.

    Ice crystals and snow covered landscapes are so beautiful – you’ve captured them perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing them – it ‘cools me down’ on our hot steamy summer days here where I live.


    1. Thats the actual probel, Victoria. The thing about these crystal they really transform to very little water. So I think it will be ok. Take care in the warm, australian weather!


  2. Heavenly! I wish there was a super like button! The crystals are stunning.

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page?


  3. they are beautiful photos Bente.
    It’s reminded me our mountain shelter in winter of which all the window got same kind of frost.
    But it occurred only on the glass not on the wooden frame, and the pattern has more curve and
    the twist —– so, I described them as the pattern of Acanthus leaf.
    In comparison, Norwegian frost grow straight 🙂 —– or air must be dead still.


  4. Flotte bilder! Landskapsbildene er det nærmest eventyrstemning over – og vindusmotivene kan inspirere noen og enhver til å gå på iskrystall-jakt 🙂


  5. Underbara snö- och frostbilder, Bente! Har kollat igenom frostarkivet och det är bara så vackert, precis sånt som jag älskar. Speciellt gillar jag “snöspökena” längst ner.


  6. They’re such romance and exotic scenes – especially to an Australian. But the frost crystals growing on the window look almost organic, encroaching bit by bit to fill the entire space. Wonderful. 🙂


  7. Jag blev helt betagen av de otroligt vackra iskristallerna inomhus. Tänker att deras skönhet är lika stor som den är förgänglig och skör.
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


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