Going to the blue mountains


I went to the reindeer herds today, and I took a lot of pictures. I need some time to look at them, and here are just a few going there. harsjoen_la_cw

The one at the top is actually from when I started going home from the mountains, and the one just above from when I arrived a couple of hours earlier. The sun was setting, just a bit before three O’clock, but because of the clear winter sky it took some hours to get dark. With incredible colours in the meantime. Changing, and changing in whatever direction I looked. By the way, it was winter wonderland all the way from my doorstep to the mountains. The temperature: about 22-24 C below zero. Everything looks better on such days…


The reindeers were also there, but they will wait for me till later. In the meantime, here is a link to my reindeer photo galleries.




73 thoughts on “Going to the blue mountains

  1. That lovely shade of blue is stunning, Bente. Makes for a really lovely image with the car lights on the road.
    As you said, incredible colours.
    Love the snow, but not sure about the temperatures in your winter. Hate to have a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere.


  2. This is truly a fairy land with the beautiful blue and white. What can be more beautiful than snow and blue skies? However the temps chill me to the bone just reading and imagining them. Thanks for coming to visit me in sunny California where we’ve had a cold streak of down into the 30s at night and recently in the 60s during the day. Come back any time! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  3. I haven’t seen such a beautiful blue mountains like that before… This is like a magical touches… or fairy tales… So beautiful dear Bente, Thank you, love, nia


    1. Yes, Carl, especially on very cold, clear winter days. Before the blue (and sort of in between depending on the direction you look there is pale pink, peale purple and pale orange..On cloudy days much less colours..


  4. Nice color!
    I must, MUST go to Norge and Norra Sverige!
    It is so pretty!
    …or you are good photographer…? Maybe it is not so special! (:


    1. I just have to laugh, Eldin, but don’t be afraid. It is special, sometimes. So you must go to northern Sweden or Norway, or the middle like me. But be prepared; nosetip, fingertips or toes can freeze….


      1. I know. This morrning it was -20C!!! And I forget my gloves going to work! I´d freez up!
        But I´m in Skandinavia now! I can´t complain…
        In Bosnia (montain contry like Norway) can be -5C, but never -20C!


    1. One thing that makes the first picture unusual is that you have brightness at the bottom (even if we know it’s from your car’s headlights) and darker shades at that top, just the reverse of the way things usually are.


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