Diamonds in a dark night


I took some pictures to show some of the magic that can be experienced when you go through the Nordic landscape on an extremely cold winter night. With a small amount of light, from a torch or the moon, everythink sparkle like millions of diamonds. When I looked at the pictures on my computer, much of the adventure was gone. Maybe bcause I don’t have a filter on my camera that can enhance the sparkle, to transform it to stars. But at the same time to work with these dark pictures was kind of appropriate today. Because there have been a lot of dark news lately. More than 230 dead in a brazilian nightclub fire, more than 70 people killed after furious clashes with police in Egypt, and four norwegians are among the 38 civilians beeing killed in the islamist attack in Algeria, one is still missing. I aslo read that at least 19 women were sexually assaulted in and around Tahrir Square in Cairo this weekend according to an activist group. Several of them stripped and raped, publicly. So what have my pictures to about all this, and there is of course also other sad stories from around the world. Well, they depict my mood, unintentionally.




I need one picture to show that there is hope also in dark nights. By the way, the other pictures are not B&W….


44 thoughts on “Diamonds in a dark night

  1. Excellent series, Bente. In case you’re wondering, I’ve relocated to two new blogs at and Check them out, I could use your advise on improving.


  2. The terrible things happening around the world drive me to beauty also. I have to escape the pain. I love your wonderful sparkly snow! Right now I am looking at the sparkle of sun on the sea.


  3. Lovely pictures. It is so sad and frighting how much we hurt each other. I’m stunned at the level of violence and disregard for others, woman assaulted, libraries burned…
    We need to let in the light somehow.


  4. There has been some really awful news lately Bente, as you say, and I can appreciate how the pictures, despite their beauty, reflect how you feel. I share those feelings and can’t help thinking we have many more dark days ahead.. 😦


  5. Beautiful, moving images that really do capture the sadness that is so prevalent in the world at the moment. There are a lot of brave people still around to give us hope. I am planning a cruise to Norway in the summer to see your beautiful country so feeling very happy today and full of expectation inspired by your images.


  6. How lovely the snow is at night. Love the last photo with the house lights shining through the blue.
    (& yes, I have found recent world news such terrible tragedy too).


  7. Very nice. It strangely looks like photographs I have seen taken at the bottom of the sea. Coral instead of Ice, yet the lack of light makes the coral look quite similar.


  8. unfortunately there is a lot of suffering in the world. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” (Jimi Hendrix)


  9. It’s so easy for dark and evil acts to outshine those of light and good. I don’t know what the future will bring, but I hope the dark and evil will fade into history.


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