Winter colours


The sun is back. Still not hot enough to feel it on the cheeks, but the light is fantastic. These pictures are from when the sun goes down more or less. It is still very cold these days, about 15 to 20 below zero, Celsius. That means wonderful colours that lasts from the sunset and a couple of hours.

Stugudal kapell



89 thoughts on “Winter colours

  1. Stunning images, Bente. I love the light you’ve captured. It’s so soft and gentle to the eye.

    Perfect time to take photos.


  2. Wonderful images Bente! Despite the cold I think I would very much like to experience the Norwegian winter! Perhaps I will one day. I had a very good friend at university, Stig, and he invited me many times, sadly I was never able to make the trip.


  3. Such wonderful lighting. I’m so glad to see it in your images, but I wouldn’t want to be out in it. Thanks for providing these luscious images while I stay warm.


  4. how utterly beautiful! I would love to be there to feel that. We’re aiming for 3 days of very high temps – at least one well and truly over the old 100 mark and maybe all 3!


  5. These are ever so beautiful. You make the scenes come to life.My favorite is the old church, because I like old houses, barns, churches. These kinds of buildings now days are not made in the same manner. The old buildings have so much charm and it seems integrity for they have stood the test of time.


  6. WOW! I can’t imagine myself being in that condition with the temperature 15 or 20 below zero, Celsius.

    Very nice winter scenes! May I know what white balance you set on those pictures? Thank you in advance. 🙂


  7. We just got about 10 inches of snow here, but it’s still nothing like the winter wonderland of your photos. I love the winter light. The pale blues and pinks are so lovely.


  8. Beautiful, looks like you have been having wonderful weather! Perfect for photography! The first photo captures the “blue moment” when the sun is going down. In Finnish the blue moment is called “sininen hetki.”


  9. Incredible photos, but what struck me the most is the difference between our countries. Down here I managed to get sunburnt yesterday, so strong was the sun. And yet, just a few degrees to the north, you’re still in the middle of a winter like I’ve never seen. This planet of ours is truly incredible.


  10. So beautiful. I love this magic light of the long dawn in the North. You captured it very good. Ha en fin ukestart! Og jeg gleder meg, at du forstod den tyske teksten min så veldig godt! 😀


  11. Une pure merveille, c’est ce qui me manque chez moi, le ciel bleu. Dès que le soleil apparait, les couleurs changent et tout devient si beau.
    Merci pour ces belles photos.
    Bonne semaine


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