Dustin in Death of a salesman


In 1986 I saw the movie “Death of a salesman” with Dustin Hoffman in the main role. This was at the Venice Film Festival, and I sort of remember the fuss about the famous actor actually more than the movie. Hoffman was calm of course, but not the many journalists and photographers. I remember this now because the play written by Arthur Miller is being staged by a theater in my local town. And I would have liked to see it, but don’t have the time I think. So I just try to remember by looking at these old photos. I remember this occation like yesterday. There are more photos from the film festival in Venice in my photo galleries.



47 thoughts on “Dustin in Death of a salesman

  1. A great actor – the first DH-movie I saw was “The Graduate” – no not vn 1968, at that time I wasn’t old enough for that kind of movies – really two very well captured photos… ;-) 


  2. Saw the gallery, so long ago, some of them look so young. Great shots but I honestly wish there was a photo of you as well. Would be an even better documentation. 😉 But after watching their young faces I’m feeling a bit old right now.


  3. Dustin Hoffman is a great actor and I love the movie but also more movies from him, in Your gallerie there are fantastic photos also from directors, I think you was very happy to make this photos it’s WOW!!!


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