Reindeer herding in B&W


I have still not edited all the photos from visiting the reindeer herders a few weeks back, but I have transformed some to B&W. rein_harsjoen_cw_bw

All these pictures are from the south saami reindeer herders, from a winter gathering in the mountains not far from the Unesco world heritage site of Røros. It was 22-24 degrees C below zero that day, and maybe you see this cold better in the coloured ones I had in a former post. I am not sure I have finished editing the B&Ws, but there are some more to bee seen in my B&W reindeer photo gallery. Or in other reindeer galleries.




37 thoughts on “Reindeer herding in B&W

  1. I love the photo with the cell photo. there is something about capturing peoples modern habits at the same time they are practicing one of the earliest habits that made us modern humans.


  2. It’s always such an adventure going with you to the reindeer. Perhaps you’re right – in this instance the colour shots, with their muted colour scheme of pale pinkish sunlight and blue snow and ice, better describe the cold – but I do love that last black and white shot of the herd and the lone herdsman – that’s very effective 🙂


  3. Great photos, Bente. They work well in B & W.
    I love the 4th photo of the young girl (is it a girl?). Her face stands out so well in the image.


  4. Fantastic photos! Perfect in black and white. I love the reindeer rushing by in the first; the illuminated appearance of the reindeer in the second; the intensity of the girl and that it is accentuated by the softness of the deer around her; and the solitude, subtle curves, and texture of the last. Thank you for sharing these! ~ Lily


  5. ‘hahahaha’ – when I took a very fast look at my incoming posts – I read “Reindeer herding in BMW” and thought what’s going on up north… ‘hahahahaha’

    – and the I saw it was “Reindeer herding in B&W”… 🙂 😉

    These reindeers are wonderful – a lovely animal – excellent captured… 🙂


  6. Gorgeous pictures! Loving the B & W, and your new theme 🙂
    It showcases your brilliant photography better!


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