In a Moroccan bar


A lot of my old photos have been scanned. I haven’t had time to look at them much, but have noticed there has not been applied any automatic dust and scratches removal in the process. I made a company do the job, since my scanner was destroyd by some carpenters some years back. I have tried to remove some dust from the picture above, but everything was impossible. The picture is from a bar in a small town in Southern Morocco in the middle of the 1980’ties. A bar for coffee and tea of course, no alcohol around. And no women, except for a couple of Norwegians. Here is a link to some more photos from Morocco.

18 thoughts on “In a Moroccan bar

  1. Det er interessant at et firma ikke arbejder mere seriøst. De skulle måske ha’ spurgt dig, hvilket arbejde du ønskede udført inden scanningen?
    Marocco er også et interessant sted.
    Jeg ankom engang med færge til Tanger i mørke! Godt vi var flere sammen
    Mange hilsner Hanna


  2. Love the gallery of Morocco. I have been scanning some of my old photos and they do have a different quality – softer and a bit grainier. The colours are different too. I am going to post some of mine soon!


  3. Scanning old photos seems to be hit or miss. I scanned a whole bunch of my slides and those turned out quite well. Negatives, not so good. It hurts a lot when you lose the quality in some of your precious images.


  4. Love your Moroccan gallery.
    You were lucky to get some good images out of the scanning. My old photos are pretty much worthless scanned. I think I got about 5-6 reasonable shots out of hundreds. I sure was a lousy photographer back in the 1970s.


  5. I really like your Moroccon gallery. Especially photo 12, 13, 16, 30, 31, 36, 55 and 62. Awesome shots. Thanks for giving us an insight into this land and its people. Ha en kjempefin dag!


  6. Loved it to see your photos of Marocco. I’ve been there too and I love these kind of country’s. Too bad it is such a mess in most Arab countries because I love to visit them.


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