Going to Røros


Sometimes the journey is just as good as arriving. Like yesterday when I went to the mountain city of Røros. I had to cross the mountains, the weather was excellent, cold and beautiful. I hardly had time to stop, but even driving through this landscape was an adventure. And I couldn’t help it, I had to stop a couple of times.




I had to hurry back after doing my work, and I was just in time for sunset in the mountains. That was even better, or, I like both, sunny daytime when everything sparkle, and sunset, when the colours gets magic on the mountains Sylan and Skardsfjella. There are more photos from this area in my web gallery.







64 thoughts on “Going to Røros

  1. Stunning images, Bente.
    I just love your images of the snow and trees. Such simplicity in composition and yet so pleasurable to view.

    (I must have been a snow & mountain dweller in a ‘previous life’ as I can’t seem to get enough of both in my inner city current life).


  2. Extremely beautiful pictures, Bente. The white color is perfect sometimes I find it a little tricky.
    I’m a little envious, both in terms of the pictures and the travel. Nevertheless, I wish you a good weekend 🙂
    Many greetings


  3. Winter landscapes are great, but most sublime works of art by master Frost are trees covered by hoarfrost. Please give us some smaller details and close-ups of them!
    If you like my posts (thanks for your visits), you must have an eye also for the makro-photography.


  4. your images are stunning – i envy the scope of your work and the expanse it records – i am limited in my photos to a 20 mile radius
    thanks for visiting my blog again


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