The horse people – And music


A few pictures from the winter fair at the old mining town, Rørosmartnan. A few more from the horse people, and a video that shows how the life is in the many backyards between the old houses during “Martnan”. Some effects added to a couple of pictures, but that is quite obvious I guess. There are more photos from Rørosmartnan in my gallery.



46 thoughts on “The horse people – And music

  1. I have recently decided to come back as Horse People in my next life- then I can also wear that sweater I bought!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!! ♡


  2. Hi, Bente! love the old codger with the happy face. Wish our community had a richer appreciation for their culture, but sadly many are moving on without it.


  3. Wonderful photos, Bente and I just loved your video. Hearing the music and seeing people moving around just made it all the more magical. Thankyou for sharing (and well done on the video production too).

    The grey-haired man in the second photo reminded me of the sleigh driver who hauled me up on his driving seat on the sleigh ride I had in Austria in January, 1978.

    I wanted to jump on a plane and fly over to your country to join in – trouble is that I only speak English (and a little French). Oh, I can count to ten in German too. But don’t know any Norwegian unfortunately – LOL


  4. Beautiful photos and a very nice film, it’s so great to see how this people are, the black horses like on the Frisians overhere, thank you for sharing Bente!


  5. So beautiful, photos and video too! Love this kind of music. Also in our mountains, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto – Italy, they play the same sound


  6. Hi Bente,
    Thanks so much for the photos of Roros. My paternal ancestors have lived there since the 1600s. I’ve been fortunate to visit there and really love it. It’s like stepping into the old times. I’ve only been there in the summer so it’s great to see the winter pictures.
    I saw a documentary a few years ago on U.S. public television about the horse people and their re-inactment of the traditional trip from Sweden through the Trondelag to the Roros winter market. It was fascinating.


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