Changing themes with a click II

I have changed theme again. I wasn’t happy with Hatch because it didn’t look like the preview when I activeted. I had to choose between all my posts (more than 200) or only 8 on the front page, and that wasn’t enough choice for me. So now I’ll see if Widely do what is promised. The pictures are showing a small dog who lives in the same “family” as the horse to the left, a Norwegian fjord horse, one of the native horses in Norway. The horse is very interested in the dog, but the dog find the horses a bit too big.



49 thoughts on “Changing themes with a click II

  1. Lovely photos Bente. I have to say I’m not so keen on this theme. It seems very narrow somehow. I liked the last theme but maybe the answer is to upgrade so that you can customise one of the themes to suit.
    That’s what I did in the end. I have modularity lite but was able to customise it to make it mine. Admittedly upgrading doesn’t give you control of the html 😦 but you can edit the .css so you can change quite alot 🙂


    1. Sorry, Chillbrook, can’t edit any CSS, I hardly know what it is.. ;( So I have to find theme that is easy to manage, that looks more or less how I want them from the start. Judgement noted. 😉 If I could have changed the front page of the last one I would have kept it..


      1. Yes, absolutely, the land of sun and Frida Kahlo! The only problem I saw so many documentaries about crime & drugs etc. But I guess it is peaceful some places, were you go hopefully!


  2. Those Norwegian horses look to be a very hardy breed, and the little dog is kind of cute too – interesting dog coat.

    WordPress themes are hard to choose when you’ve got such wonderful photos, Bente. I like the simple styles you’ve used without too many widgets (which turn a Photo Blog into a commercial internet site).

    I think I’ve changed blog themes about 3 times in the early days, maybe it’s time for another change – there’s probably many more new templates since I last looked.


  3. I like a nice clean format for a photo blog (like this one), especially one that uses white and doesn’t compete with the colors in the images and allows them to be shown large.
    As for this post… the horses are fantastic! That little dog is about the size of mine. She tried to chase a mean horse one time. I think she might have been kicked. I didn’t see what happened, but she squealed. But she didn’t seem to have been hurt. She doesn’t chase horses any more. 🙂


  4. I haven’t found a theme I am completely happy with either. I’m on theme #3 and will continue to look for exactly what i want, I think white, like this, or black are the only two choices for background. I still want a multi-column photo blog with a sidebar on the front page.


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