Congratulations everyone with the International Women’s Day! The picture is of a lovely and hardworking woman I met in Bali, Indonesia. I hope she can represent a hope for a better future for all of us. A better future for women means a better future for everyone. I totally agree with this quote: ““The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” Gloria Steinem. That I found on this link.

28 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. I’m a bit dubious about so-called Human Right, Women’s Right issue.
    With its dogma, we are loosing “sensible judgement” such as let the
    female soldier to play front-line combat role etc etc.

    Like deepening situation in Japan or in China, more and more men
    choose not to marry at all for avoiding awkward relation, while feeling,
    “Fare enough, good on you. Carry on yourself. Don’t count me in” leaving
    good portion of the women’s population to live and getting old alone.
    Even in Germany, because of the law become too strict, great deal of
    couple live together but not officially marry.
    —– You know, no law can make the people love each other.

    The invention of human right, not mention Political Correctness
    happened only very resent. In a fraction of time in the human history.
    I’m not a chauvinist but, I neither like the woman brandishing their
    female equivalent of chauvinism. = Be sensible.


      1. I came from Hippie generation and closely watched Women’s Lib and the following movements.
        OK, the buzz-word sound nice and sweet, but on reality, —– have look, even when a woman got
        a position of power in a big multinational, still keep exploiting cheap labour in the third world.
        Make the products in minimum cost and sell it higher price is how economy works.
        We live on the system of exploitation, start from the exploitation of the nature.

        The matter is not talking the idealism resorting with buzz-word but actual implementation of solution.
        Many of my old friends (still) working on front-line of Overseas Development Aid, helping local
        development projects, such as digging a well for water supply to relief the heavy work to fetch
        the water mils away etc etc. —– That’s why I hate the people talking sweet, while sitting in the
        comfortable central-heated room, while pretending not guilty. 😀


  2. I’m all for equal rights (& pay) for women. I didn’t know it was International Woman’s Day.

    I agree that it’s not about Women = Men, it’s about Women as individuals and having a Voice. I get quite incensed seeing the treatment of some women in Eastern countries where they are little more than chattels or slaves. Some have no access to education, ability to move freely in public or have a say in their children’s upbringing – let alone get a job & earn their own money.

    Your photo of the Balinese lady is charming and shows her lovely sunny nature & smile at it’s best.


  3. Equality between women and men, between races and ethnic peoples, and between haves and have nots is perhaps unattainable as an end result, but we should always strive to bring the extremes together.
    The closer we as human beings get towards balance the closer we get to peace.


  4. Womens rights and laws have made great headway in my lifetime but sometimes I despair about entrenched ideas in in the cultures of “developed” nations. Your quote reminds us that it is indeed a collective effort to be made.


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