A roedeer in Lightroom presets


The roedeers are back in my garden. They are late this year, and earlier this winter they just visited a few times in the middle of the night. I only saw traces of them the next morning. This male is the less shy one. I have used his image to try some effect presets in Lightroom, since I just discovered that the program has this ability. There is a list of effects (Library – Quick Develop – Saved preset – Lightroom presets), and the one above is called Yesteryear 2. The next is B&W Creative Look 1.


And then there is Color Creative – Aged Photo and B&W Creative – Sepia Tone. I did not do other adjustments.



On the last I didn’t use LR presents, but did some of my own adjustments and then a slight dash of HDR-effect with the free version of the onOne software. I guess many of you are very familiar with applying effects. I find it fascinating to transform a picture with a click, but most of my photos will still probably be mainly “natural”. But it is also interesting with new tools.


28 thoughts on “A roedeer in Lightroom presets

  1. I like the second b&w and the sepia ones best but I’m not very keen on vignetting. Having said that, it seems appropriate in this case. I like to control things myself most of the time – does that make me a control freak?


    1. If this was in the middle of a city it would not have been fun, a city is not good for them. But in a countryside garden it is ok, because all the plants are covered with snow. Thanks.


  2. Although black-and-white can hardly be relegated to one-click wonders, there is a lot of experimenting you can do to fine tune the look of your monochromes. Perhaps, however, the image you chose to experiment with is not the best for the purpose: the light is very flat and the subject is quite contrasty. If you repeat the experiment using an image that has a great many mid-tones, the different effects of the various presets will be more evident and easier to judge. Just my 5 cents’ worth…

    In any case, it is inspiring to see such a seasoned photographer as yourself eager to try new things. All the best, Bente!


  3. Yes, it’s absolutely interesting how one can change the mood of a photography by using effects. The effect that the roebuck stands on this wooden shack is the most fascninating in this scene to me. 🙂 Ha en fortsatt flott dag.


  4. The last one, with the “cold” colours is my favourite. It smells of winter and it looks like the animal was surprised by a camera under cover because of the dark edges. Lovely! Lou


  5. The last pic is my fave…apart from that gorgeous reindeer….
    A suggestion, bente….your Lr presets pix look a little ‘flat’. I suggest you export your effects-playing pix into the sRGB colour space, which is the one that looks the best in a web browser. Usually Yesteryear looks a lot more vibrant. Cheers! 🙂


  6. Vad kul med de olika redigeringarna. Härligt! En fotograf sa en gång till mig att “det är inte en tekniker i Japan som bestämmer hur mina bilder ska se ut”
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


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