Potatoes and roe deers


There are a lot of roe deers in my neighbourhood, and especially around one farm were the farmer gives them potatoes to eat, that is potatoes that are too small or damage for ordinary consumption. And they love this of course. In the afternoon they arrive from the forest for a treat.  roedeer_radyr_cw-3




The roe deers are very common in Scandinavia. They are small, much smaller than the red deer and the reindeer. These animals are wild. They are not tame, but they accept the man who brings them food when the going gets tough during winter. And when they have eaten they leave again. There are more pictures in my roe deer photo gallery.



92 thoughts on “Potatoes and roe deers

  1. I think, come to potato is good enough.
    If animal start to come closer and lick the hands is not natural.
    By the way, is this lens, Canon ? —– seemed to have
    different character.


    1. Potatoes are paradise for some. But it is no good to tame wild animals to lick the hand, I agree with you. Which this farmer doesn’¨t do. Ha just go there with potatoes, and returns slowely. No touching. This was in 2008, and an old camera Canon 350D, 75-300 mm.


    1. They live in the forest all year. They just leave the forest to get these treats, because there are not that much food in winter. And with a lot of snow it can be hard to move around to find food. They are very shy animals, we don’t see them that much, but they have learned that this farmer is not a predator. And he doesn’t feed them in summer when food is abundant.


  2. They are so beautiful and so lovely… I haven’t known that they eat potatoes… how beautiful to feed them… Thank you dear Bente, fascinates your camera. Have a nice day, love, nia


  3. They are very pretty little deer. I was surprised at how small they are. Here there is also a deer of that size that lives in the Sonoran desert of the southwest, called the Coues Whitetail.


    1. Maybe all deers have a white tails, or as a fellow blogger just told me what they call them in France: The white ass. Thanks for your comment, Montucky, now I know there are small deers also in a desert.


  4. Beautiful shots, Bente. They are such dainty little deer. Almost Christmas Card perfect, in fact.

    The light reflecting off the snow captures their outlines perfectly.

    (I am enviously enjoying all your snow drenched images too. Please send some snow to Melbourne, Australia – I’m grinning as I type this of course).


    1. Why didn’t I think about it before: white ass, that is exactly! 😉 The same here, hide during day and out and around at night. But we also see them some times crossing a field during day. Bonjour, Lancolieblue!


  5. That last photo should be a Christmas card. It looks just like the fake reindeer people put on their roofs to decorate their house for the holidays. I loved this post as it was so heartwarming. What a wonderful man.


  6. I love how they look straight at you, with their gorgeous curiosity. (I’m sorry that I called them reindeer in another comment….my hand has been slapped!) I really like the last pic. And I’m glad this farmer is a caring soul.


  7. Oh my! I am wishing again to be in all that snow playing with the deer! These are great shots! I’m headed next to your entire “Roe Deer” gallery, but first, many thanks for peeking at and liking some older posts of mine, “Watering Hole” and “Great Point Lighthouse”. Last month, I finally did get a bit closer to winter climates by taking a vacation to Colorado. When you have a moment check out some of my February/March posts from this magnificent state. Take care!


  8. Superfina bilder! Det är oerhört sällan man kommer dem så nära för de är så skygga. Härligt! De kan behöva stödutfodring, för de har svårt att kratsa bort snö när det är skare.
    Klem og alt godt til dae!


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