A single bullfinch


There are birds around my feeders, a lot of them. I look at them every day, but didn’t have time to do bird pictures yet (and I need a new lens!). Except one. This male Bullfinch is among the many birds visiting these days, and he is quite beautiful. We think of Bullfinchs as Christmas-birds, but they are around all year. There are a few more in my bird photo gallery. And i hope to do more bird photos soon.

49 thoughts on “A single bullfinch

  1. Beautiful Bente. I have bullfinches, chaffinches and goldfinches vist my bird feeder. The goldfinches are very, very shy though and they appear and then are gone. I too would like a new lens that would allow me to photograph all the visitors to my garden.. I’m saving. 😉


  2. Your Bullfinch certainly looks well-fed and the photos are lovely. Look forward to seeing more birds in your posts.


  3. They are lovely birds – I always considered seeing them a treat in Britain. They were not rare but neither are they abundant – the call usually gave them away and I found a spot where I could find them reliably. You are fortunate to get them so close.


  4. Fint bilde Bente. Thanks for sharing. I always love it when my cousin in Norway posts photos of birds on her facebook page. You have different birds there in Norway than we do in North America, so it’s an opportunity to see something that we might never see in person during our lifetime.


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