White spring skiing


I see some of you are enjoying spring flowers popping up. Not so in Norway. We have a white spring. Actually whiter than usual because March this year is very cold. So instead of looking for flowers I go skiing in the mountains.



67 thoughts on “White spring skiing

  1. Blue sky and lovely crisp snow looks like a pretty good Spring to me. I assume you mean cross-country skiing as opposed to down-hill. Love the simplicity of a snow-drenched photo – very beautiful.


  2. Great expanse of the white land and the sky is your play ground.
    —– though, puddling all trough in Nordic style must be quite a work.
    Did you go through all this distance on ski ? Really ? 😀


    1. This was not really a distance, you know the skiis are gliding and I have an extra engine in front. 😉 20-30 km is ok for a daytrip, this was maybe 20. Didn’t you try, Yoshizen?


      1. Yah, I noticed dog-pulled ski. Looks fun. 🙂
        80 % of Japan is mountainous. So, very little chance to do Nordic ski other than a roadside on the way back from a piste. Of cause, we can do though, soon we have to climb up or down ski.
        In the snow season, my friends are doing off-piste mountain ski almost every weekend.
        But last time I did was — gosh, 25 years ago 😀


  3. Hvilket innbydende føre. Ikke dårlig erstatning for våren. Herlige bilder, som får suget etter å komme på ski til å dra i en. God tur!


  4. Skiing looks like a great option in your situation. I’m too much of a wimp and spoiled to want to face the cold again, though I did in my younger days. My very first dog (a Siberian Husky) would have loved your area.


  5. I like this deal – I send you flowers, you send me snow ! Looks like you have brilliant light. How many hours of daylight do you have? I’m starting to think of photographing the Northern Lights this next winter and thought of your countryside as an option/destination.


  6. But soon flowers will be rising up, I think… Wonderful white photographs these are all dear Bente, and it is not easy to take photograph in shining white ambience… You are amazing with them. I loved this lovely friend… Blessing and Happiness, Thanks and Love, nia


  7. Beautiful photos. We didn’t have a white winter this year. We haven’t had a decent snowfall since December and it’s looking like we won’t be getting any snow this spring. At least I can enjoy the snow through your photos.


  8. I love that third shot. It seems that most of the northern hemisphere is having a late spring. It’s very cold here in the UK with snow yesterday. And I read from my contacts in USA and Canada that they are suffering just the same as we are in western Europe.


  9. I love the sky…..Soft…Soft…Soft..I would have had a huge challenge photographing in such icy conditions too…A real huge contrast from my environment


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