White village


Comming from skiing trips the landscape is just as white as the mountains. Not a touch of spring anywere, except the days are longer and soon we will feel the sun. Just not yet. There are more of these photos in my farmland photo gallery.



31 thoughts on “White village

  1. Wow wow wow, it is just so beautiful, you have created another fantastic photo essay. The second photo is like a painting I love the road which takes me on a journey to a magic place and wonder where the bends in the road leads to. AMAZING!!!
    cheers callie


  2. I can’t help but suspect that you will enjoy springtime all the more for having to wait for it as you have! Wishing it’ll be soon for you!!!


  3. Almost “holding a breath” like quiet landscape.
    Beautiful air and shadow.
    —– strangely, I feel that I saw the village of 4th photo
    but in a Summer evening, in a dream.


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